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Multi-touch forklift terminal from the MOBILE MT series

FORSIS offers three different variants in the field of mobile forklift terminals, each of which is adapted to specific customer requirements. Because forklift terminals should always get along with the minimum external dimensions, but offer a maximum LCD viewing area. The forklift terminal with the capacitive touchscreen - also known as multitouch - is available in the MOBILE MT series in 10 ", 12" and 15 "inch sizes.

All FORSIS forklift terminals belong to the MOBILE series. This means that the end devices are all similar in structure. CPU technology, power supply, WLAN connection and mechanics are compliant. Due to the modular FORSIS design, the control unit is adapted depending on the application. Touch screen technology, LCD size and additional input peripherals are decisive. The control units of the MOBILE MT are equipped with MULTTOUCH technology.

The capacitive touchscreen surface, also known as PCAP multi-touch technology, has arrived in the manufacturing and logistics environment. The advantages of this technique are:

  • The front pane of the multitouch forklift terminal is designed as a protective glass pane (laminated glass)
  • Hardened by chemical surface treatment
  • Anti-reflective
  • Glass thickness 1.6 mm
  • PCAP multitouch with support for up to ten fingers
  • Full gesture control with operating systems that support this

The main difference between mobile and stationary devices is their power supply and energy management.

  • Wide range input from 9 to 30 volts DC, expandable with external DC / DC converters
  • Protective circuit in the event of voltage drops below 8V DC, the device switches off after ten attempts
  • Protective circuit in the event of voltage peaks through integrated cypressor diode from 35V DC
  • Minimization of power consumption to the lowest possible values ​​- the power consumption in operation is only approx. 25 watts, in standby <1 watt
  • The DC / DC converter unit can withstand loads of up to around 65 watts
  • As an option, an additional battery operation, with stand-by operation
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Mechanical structure of the multitouch forklift terminal

Staplerterminal Multitouch Side Bracket Min
  • The housing of the multitouch forklift terminal is made of aluminum or sheet steel parts. These are powder-coated on the outside and galvanized on the inside
  • The device structure is compact and vibration-proof
  • The forklift terminal multitouch has minimal cabling and no mechanically moving components
  • The heat dissipation on the multitouch forklift terminal takes place via the rear ten millimeter thick mounting plate, all heat-generating components dissipate here
  • At the same time, this plate also offers mounting preparation in VESA 100 format

Forklift terminal multitouch - specifications

Staplerterminal Resistiv Platine2 Min
  • The protection class of the multitouch forklift terminal [EN60529] is IP65 on the front and, depending on the type and design, IP54 on the connection side
  • Approvals: CE, FCC
  • Vibration and shock test according to DIN EN 60721-3-5 / 5M3
  • Radio connection: IEEE 802.11 ac / g / n
  • Bluetooth interface, if the WLAN adapter is integrated in the multitouch forklift terminal
  • Standard temperature range: -20 ° C to 50 ° C due to the selected components
  • Humidity: 0 - 90% (non-condensing)

The control unit of the multitouch forklift terminal

Staplerterminal Multitouch Front Min

The multi-touch forklift terminal has a capacitive touchscreen. This type of touch screen is also known as multitouch. You are welcome to find out more about this topic and about the PCAP technology that is used in our multitouch forklift terminals under Service - Knowledge.

Dimensions of the multitouch forklift terminal of the MOBILE MT series

Staplerterminal Multitouch Row Min

Below you will find the external dimensions of the multitouch forklift terminal of the MOBILE MT series. All information in mm.

  • Variant 1000
    LCD size: 10.4 "
    Width: 267 / Height: 236 * / Depth: 70
    Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Variant 1200
    LCD size: 12.1 "
    Width: 300 / Height: 266 * / Depth: 70
    Weight: 5.2 kg

* The impact-resistant antenna housing with IP65 protection class increases the housing height of the multitouch forklift terminal by 60mm

The difference between the models of the forklift terminal series is not only in the touchscreen technology but also in the connection rows and the associated device depth.

WLAN connection according to IEEE802.11 ac / g / n combined with Bluetooth V4.0

Staplerterminal Resistiv WLAN IP65 Min

The multitouch forklift terminals of the MOBILE MT series can be equipped with any WLAN adapter or UMTS adapter. The motherboard offers the following slots for this: 1 x FULLSIZE MINI PCIe slot with SATA support and 1 x FULLSIZE MINI PCIe slot with SIM card support.

  • The multitouch forklift terminal offers a MINI PCIe slot - free choice of WLAN adapter
  • FORSIS offers its own antenna for all device series.
  • The antenna consists of three differently oriented individual antenna systems. Depending on the number of antenna connections of the WLAN card used, these can be combined as desired
  • The antennas work in the 2.4 GHz - 5 GHz range. This means that Bluetooth signals can also be sent to these antennas, especially with the combination WLAN adapter
  • The Wi-Fi 802.11 ac / g / n standard and Bluetooth V4.0 are supported
  • In addition to implementing the n-standard, our aim was to develop a robust antenna with protection class IP65

Cable protection / strain relief - connection side

Staplerterminal Resistiv Interface Min

All cable connections of the multitouch forklift terminal are on the back and go downwards. Four screw terminals are attached to a carrier to relieve strain on the cables. This carrier can be removed using a secured knurled screw.
Specifically, this means: simple and one-time installation of the cables. The cable carrier remains at the place of use even if the device is replaced.

Protective cover - rear view
To protect the plug connection, the entire connection side of the multitouch forklift terminal can be closed by a protective cover. The cover is secured by two stud bolts and two knurled screws.


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Integrated or external UPS unit

Staplerterminal Resistiv Akku Min

The optional AKKU unit is used for short-term support of the supply voltage. With the MOBILE MT 1000 the ACCU unit is external, from the MOBILE MT 1200 variant it is integrated in the device. The same applies to the MOBILE and MOBILE MF series.

  • The battery works in standby mode and serves as a support in the event of brief break-ins
  • It bridges power failures for up to five minutes or depending on the type of battery
  • The monitoring and charging electronics enable a controlled, time-controlled shutdown

The forklift driver's field of vision must not be obstructed by a forklift terminal at any time. In addition, special regulations apply to the assembly of forklift terminals on industrial trucks.

FORSIS has faced all these challenges and offers you practical mounting systems both for the multi-touch forklift terminals of the MOBILE MT series and for the other forklift terminals from the MOBILE and MOBILE MF series.

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The multitouch forklift terminals of the MOBILE MT series can be equipped with any WLAN adapter or UMTS adapter. The motherboard offers the following slots for this: 1 x FULLSIZE MINI PCIe slot with SATA support and 1 x FULLSIZE MINI PCIe slot with SIM card support. As a rule, WLAN adapters from INTEL are used.

  • Suitable operating systems: Windows 10 64 BIT, Google Chrome OS, Linux
  • Antenna connections: 2
  • TX / RX streams 2x2
  • Bands: 2.4 Ghz, 5 Ghz (160 Mhz)
  • Max speed: 1.73 Gbps
  • Wi-Fi Certified: 802.11 ac
  • Compliance FIPS, FISMA
  • Bluetooth version 5
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology
  • Mainboard format M.2 2230, M.2 1216 (adapter required)
  • System interface type: Wi-Fi (PCIe), BT (USB)
  • MU-MIMO: Yes

The antenna makes it all

In addition to the selection of the WLAN adapter, the antenna is certainly the decisive component for an optimal connection of the multitouch forklift terminal. When realizing the antenna according to IEEE802.11n, the clear goal was to design the antenna specifically in the direction of the MIMO transmission method. The abbreviation MIMO stands for multiple-input-multiple-output.
MIMO systems offer higher data transmission rates, greater ranges and are not only "immune" to multipath propagation, they even take advantage of it. A MIMO system is therefore ideal for multi-touch forklift terminals, which are often used in industrial interiors without a direct line of sight between the PC and router.

Specification of the MIMO antenna

The antenna was implemented as a MIMO antenna system consisting of three separate dual-band antennas. All individual antennas are placed on a circuit board and manufactured using a chemical manufacturing process. The entire antenna is housed in a robust polycarbonate ABS housing. The complete antenna is easy to mount on IPC housings and enables easy connection of coaxial cables. Thus, the optimal illumination of the area is achieved in order to support the advantages of the higher range and higher transmission rate as best as possible.

All standards are supported for antenna technology: IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac IEEE802.15.1 (Bluetooth). The antenna thus covers the frequency range from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz at the same time.