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Visualization of production information - VISION series

Up-to-date instructions and information at every place, quickly prepared and continuously updated, and thus the employee is comprehensively informed - information terminals in and for production.

You may know it - a product change on the assembly line, a new employee or sick leave - so that these situations do not become quality risks, every assembly instruction must be up-to-date and understandable at the workplace.

Also, the classic "bulletin board" with printed work plans, drawings or other information is no longer necessarily up-to-date. More and more companies are moving in the direction of paperless information.

Many MES systems already offer prepared information for employees in manufacturing and production - ideal for our information terminals.

As a provider of PC-based data acquisition devices for this application, FORSIS is an established partner.
In addition to the recording devices, we now also want to offer you information terminals with exactly the same HW platform for displaying your data.

Current LCD sizes are 43" and 55". 65" and 75" are planned for Q1/2021.

As always, the technical data of the information terminal is summarized in a compact way

  • Version variants as:
    - Monitor variant, i.e. all important connection options of a monitor are available
    - Fat client, i.e. computing unit of the INTEL®SKYLAKE generation, preferably WINDOWS® as the operating system
    - Small or thin client, i.e. based on a Raspberry Pie board variant, preferably LINUX as the operating system
  • The INTEL® IPC variant is 100% compatible with the FORSIS recording devices
  • With the operating system MS® WINDOWS® 10 - thus the same image and the same software distribution
  • LINUX Debian operating system for Raspberry Pie P3+ motherboard (industrial variant)
  • Housing material made of sheet steel: powder-coated on the outside, galvanized on the inside
  • Many mounting options with VESA 200 / 400
  • Modular device structure
  • Protection class IP42, protective screen as an option in preparation
  • Internal power supply 230V AC with DC OUHT 24V DC and 12V DC - 120W

A wide variety of approaches are pursued for visualization in the production environment. Starting with the TV set up to plasma screens.

This is certainly also possible, since the protection class of the devices does not have to be particularly high, because primarily the installation location of the devices is decisive for your safety, e.g. ceiling mounting or wall mounting at an appropriate height. As a rule, the employees do not operate it either.

FORSIS wants to offer two advantages with the information terminals of the VISION series:
- Protection class IP42 as a middle ground and
- specifically ensure the continuity of the connection to the respective infrastructure of the company.

The decisive criterion for digital signage applications in an "industrial" environment is reliability.

In many cases, the critical component is the built-in flat screen.
Unfortunately, the "big" LCDs have gained a "bad" reputation in terms of their lifespan in the past. However, this problem is well known and we clearly focus on quality with the FORSIS VISION series. The FORSIS VISION components are selected according to:

  • We guarantee the MTBF value of the individual components a high number of operating hours
  • A wide temperature range during operation increases the service life of the individual components

The high luminosity of up to 2500cd/m² does not overload the temperature balance and especially the LCD.

In principle, only LCDs with LED-based background lighting are used. This LED backlight offers lower electromagnetic noise and lower power consumption thus reducing power consumption.

In addition, the backlight is monitored and controlled. The control optimizes the highest possible luminosity for the respective working temperature range. This leads to an extremely long service life. The monitored backlight system offers a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 100,000 hours. This meets typical product life requirements for industrial grade applications with frequent or continuous operation and minimal maintenance.

Very important! Your operating system also plays a decisive role in determining which PC (motherboard) variant is the right one for you.


  • CPU Celeron© 3955 SKYLAKE®alternatively I3 or I7
  • RAM 8 GB standard, maximum possible 16 GB
  • Hard storage 128 GB M.2 SSD
  • LAN 2x 1Gb RJ45 1x 1Gb RJ45
  • Interfaces 2x USB 2.0 / 2x USB 3.0 1x USB2.0
  • Graphic 1x VGA external
  • WLAN - optional Mini PCIe Socket
  • Bluetooth - optional
  • Operating system WINDOWS / LINUX

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+

  • BCC2837 A53 Quad Core
  • any 4/8 GB eMMC
  • BIOS UEFI BIOS, TPM2.0, Secure boot
  • internal Dual Channel LVDS 1x HDMI / LVDS
  • WLAN - optional Mini PCIe Socket
  • Operating system. LINUX
Our sales team is happy to be there for you personally!

Monitor variant of the VISION information terminal


The classic solution as a pure monitor. This means that the current interfaces from monitor technology, such as HDMI, DP and VGA are available.
Depending on the position of the control unit (PC, thin client, etc.) or the mounting point of the large screen, this can be completely sufficient. Restrictions can arise from cable lengths.
There is complete freedom when selecting the control unit, i.e. computer types (CPU, configuration level, manufacturer, etc.) can be freely selected.

IPC variant of the information terminal

Skylake CPU (1) Min

If the large screens form a unit with PC technology, many advantages can arise. This starts with the cable routing and the simplified mounting options.

But it becomes very interesting if you are already using FORSIS products. We have attached great importance to consistency in our product lines. We offer the VISION series with the same motherboard technology as for the detection devices. The advantages are the uniform operating system structure, the same software status and the same software distribution.

Wall mount for the VISION series

FORSIS VISION Flat Wall Mount Fix

Due to the weight of the information terminals, fastening and mounting on the wall, ceiling or floor must always be considered and planned in advance.
On the one hand, the accessibility of the screens but also the safety must be guaranteed.

Wall mount (item no. 93410 - fixed or item no. 93415 - tiltable)

A flexibly adjustable mounting system is available for mounting on the wall.

Rigid or variably tiltable.

Maximum weight is 70kg.

Ceiling mount for more degrees of freedom


We offer a modular and extremely resilient mounting system for mounting the VISION devices. The core is a single or double pipe system. This can be supplemented with a wide variety of start and end pieces. Adapters for mounting on the floor or ceiling are offered, as is a freely definable length of the tube.

Ceiling assembly (item no. 93445 - picture left)

The modular system offers several degrees of freedom in terms of the inclination range of the VISION devices.
- ceiling mount tilt
- Tilt of device pickup at
Attachment point.
- tube length up to 1.5m
- max weight 70kg


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Information terminal operating systems


In addition to the control, the question of the operating system is just as important.

Usually MS® WINDOWS® or a LINUX distribution.

Often, however, it is the organizational framework conditions that make this application or sensible use difficult or prevent it entirely. These are for example:

  • Organizational requirements, caused by the operating system used in the company
  • Existing network and infrastructure specifications, such as LINUX, terminal server solutions, etc.
  • Definition of the devices based on the specifications for the software distribution. Only certain chipsets, drivers, etc. are supported or included in the software distribution.

Learn more about our operating systems here.

We deliver ready-made solutions according to customer requirements.

Starting with the housing through to the finished, turnkey overall system. An important question is therefore always the application of the customer and upstream which connection or integration into the infrastructure is necessary.

FORSIS VISION 43“ / 4300

  • Dimensions of the LCD unit in [mm]: width 978 x height 568 x depth 24
  • Weight [kg] 25

FORSIS VISION 55“ / 5500

  • Device dimensions LCD unit in [mm]: width 1,246 x height 718 x depth 24
  • Weight [kg] 30

Applies to both variants

  • Electronics unit placed in the middle on the back in [mm]: width 462 x height 440 x depth 52
  • Mounting points for brackets in the middle at the back M6 thread VESA 400
  • Mounting bracket for installation optionally circumferential, can be designed according to customer requirements
  • Approvals CE

Active LCD size diagonal 43"

  • Visible LCD dimensions in mm: horizontal x vertical 940 x 529
  • Number of pixels / resolution FHD 1920 x 1080
  • Pixel size in mm 0.49x0.49
  • Contrast Active LCD 1,300 : 1
  • Brightness in cd/m² 1,800
  • Setup time in ms Active LCD 8
  • Reading viewing angle from the side 178
  • Lifetime in hours MTBF 100,000
  • Sunlight Readable yes

Active LCD size diagonal 55"

  • Visible LCD dimensions in mm: horizontal 1,209 x vertical 680
  • Number of pixels / resolution FHD 1920 x 1080
  • Pixel size in mm 0.63x0.63
  • Contrast Active LCD 4000:1
  • Brightness in cd/m² 700 or 2,500
  • Setup time in ms Active LCD 8
  • Reading viewing angle from the side 178
  • Lifetime in hours MTBF 100,000
  • Sunlight Readable yes

The operating temperature range defines the temperature range at which an electrical or mechanical device may and can operate. Outside this range, the device can fail or initially limit its performance. Basically, industrial devices generally have a wider temperature range than commercial devices.

The operating temperature range is affected by several factors, e.g. B. the power loss of the device, the heat dissipation concept, etc. We offer the following with the FORSIS VISION series:

  • Use of selected industrial components with a wide temperature range
  • Monitoring and regulation of the backlight or reduction of the power consumption
  • Housing construction with degree of protection and effective heat dissipation at the same time

We therefore offer a temperature range of -10° - 50°C for the information terminals of the FORSIS series.