Stainless steel mounting systems

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Stainless steel mounting systems

In order to expand our portfolio, we have decided to introduce a new generation of stainless steel mounting systems that offer our customers an alternative to self-manufactured solutions while remaining attractively priced.

A further optimization is achieved with regard to ease of cleaning and stability.

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Construction of the mounting system

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As with well-known systems, the GTH easy mount offers tube diameters of 48mm and 60mm.

GTH easy 48 GTH 00

inner diameter= 42mm inner diameter= 54mm

Outer Diameter= 48.3mm Outer Diameter= 60.3mm


Other components of the mounting system are couplings and attachment joints. If required, there are accessories and other components (e.g. adapter flanges)

Details of the mounting system

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  • The load range of the GTH easy 48 could be significantly increased by optimizing the bearing
  • The new bearing also has a positive effect on the play in the joints, making the GTH easy subjectively appear much more stable
  • No angle elements are used for the pipes, but bent pipes to reduce the number of gaps and dead spaces in the long term
  • The gaps and dead spaces in the joints and couplings have also been consistently reduced
  • Due to the small number of openings, protection class IP69 is achieved
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