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Mobile workstations from FORSIS

  • The mobile workstation is primarily used to optimize a workflow
  • The shortening or elimination of distances traveled by your employee naturally shortens the entire process flow
  • Direct and fast access to higher-level applications simplifies all processes
  • Entries that can be made directly in the merchandise management system and queries directly in the production planning system avoid interface losses and transmission errors.

The mobile workstations from FORSIS offer plenty of space for storing accessories such as keyboards and scanners.
Also, and this is extremely important, multiple printers can be carried and serviced.
Regardless of the sector, the mobile workstations have established themselves as a separate product area at FORSIS.
The stations in the area of production have grown out of the actual area of application in logistics and, to a special extent, they can also be found in the food environment.

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Application range of the mobile workplace






Extreme expansion possibilities

optimal for two printers

2-shift operation

Light and flexible

Movable in the smallest of spaces

Mobile workplace with flexible work surfaces
This is a workstation with a universal shelf that offers plenty of space for storing keyboards, scanners and printers. In addition, this variant offers the option of attaching the device to a mounting bracket. This means that even more storage space is available.

Easy manufacturing

Assembly work


Taking a tablet / notebook with you

Maximum one label printer

Low battery power

FORSIS ENTRY - entry-level variant
The entry-level solution is light, flexible and immediately ready for use. Always ready to implement your mobile requirements.


Rough Manufacturing

2-shift operation

up to three printers

protective bar

Not only good things come from above - Workplace with protective bar
The industrial PC and operating systems are installed at eye level on the cross bar of the operating system. To protect the devices, a protective bar is routed over all components.

Hygiene requirements


Protection class

Production of food

Pharmaceutical environment

Clean room requirements

Mobile solution in stainless steel
In the hygiene-sensitive environment, a further function is added to the mobile workplace. The protection of the components in the cleaning process and compliance with the guidelines of the hygiene regulations.

Unlimited possibilities in the mobile workplace

FORSIS has been offering an extensive range of different mobile workstations for years.
The focus is always on a robust mechanical structure that withstands all the requirements in the harsh industrial and logistics environment.
In addition, FORSIS completes its product range with a variety of useful extensions. You will find an overview below.

Work surfaces

In the first step you have to choose the size and design of the canvas based on your requirements.
Criteria are, for example, whether a printer, flatbed scanner, scale or other accessories have to find their place on the work surface.

Schritt 2: Montagebügel

Mounting bracket or desk shelf

In the next step, for ergonomic reasons, an additional structure in the form of a mounting bracket or a desk shelf, e.g. for barcode reader holders, chargers, trays, magnetic boards and of course the monitor itself, can be added to the work surface become.

Schritt 2: Montagebügel

Desk tray

In addition to the "mounting bracket" option, we also offer the "desk tray". Here, too, with the aim of securing and expanding your space requirements. With the "desk shelf", the mobile office offers even more functionality. You get a third level, so to speak. In addition to the printer position at the bottom and the normal work surface at table height, the desk shelves offer further options for use at the top. For example, storage compartments, magnetic suspensions and much more are available.

The desk shelves are very easy to attach and can also be retrofitted to existing mobile workstations. Two variants are offered as standard, whereby your needs can also be taken into account here.

Printer room

Taking along and using printers is one of the main reasons and purposes of mobile workstations. Securing the appropriate power supply is of course technically demanding. Another important point is the safe mechanical accommodation and ergonomic use. Above all, it must be possible to change label rolls or paper quickly and easily. Printers can be positioned on three levels:

  • The classic place at the bottom of the printer statement - preferred for laser printers
  • On the desktop - preferred for label printers
  • On the additional side shelf


A lockable drawer is always integrated into the body. Tools, spare label rolls and personal items can be carried safely.

Keyboard excerpt

There is an additional keyboard shelf to fit the M and L body under the upper work shelf. This shelf is extendable and offers space for all common keyboards and also for a mouse. This creates even more free space on the upper work surface. As with the printer statement, only high-quality and durable statements are used.

Side storage areas

It is mounted on the right or left of the mobile AP at the existing mounting points. The printer shelf has a surrounding edge to protect against falls when moving to the workplace.

Folder Filing

The possibilities of the M body are almost unlimited. These many degrees of freedom allow us the two universal mounting points. In the picture you can see a combination of the upper protective bar with device mounting and the side folder tray. The printer is in its "normal" place. Alternatively, it can also be attached at the same height as the keyboard shelf.

The folder tray offers space for four bulging Leitz folders. So you always have your delivery notes at hand.

Picking extension

The desire to expand the mobile workplace so that it can also be used as a mobile picking station was repeatedly expressed.
In the course of further development, this option has now also been created.
It is based on a flexible mounting system, which was implemented to securely hold the plastic tray.

The different series

The entry-level variant among the mobile workstations, the ENTRY, is designed for the mains-independent supply of low-voltage consumers such as tablets, notebooks and of course the energy-saving industrial PCs from FORSIS.

This mobile work station impresses with its flexibility.
The narrow trolley variant, which has the smallest dimensions, is ideal for narrow routes in the warehouse.

The middle trolley variant with the basic body offers an upper work surface of 580 mm and space for up to two battery units up to a maximum of 120Ah.

The large version offers an even larger work surface of 1000 mm and can be equipped with an additional device mounting bracket on which the IPC can be mounted.

In the case of the mobile workstation with protective bar, both the IPC and other peripheral devices are mounted on a carrier system. In addition to the basic size, there is an extra-large mobile workstation that can accommodate up to three printers.

In the case of the mobile workstation with protective bar, both the IPC and other peripheral devices are mounted on a carrier system. In addition to the basic size, there is an extra-large mobile workstation that can accommodate up to three printers.

Would you like to know in which environment you can use our forklift terminals? Under the heading "Reference reports in the logistics environment" some of our customers report on their practical experiences with FORSIS products in their operational environment.

Curious? Then read on!

Due to the complex relocation of goods of all kinds, as well as the ever-increasing expectations in relation to delivery times, the expectations of delivery services are constantly being raised. The applications used must therefore be implemented on logistics hardware that is characterized by reliability, performance and service friendliness. Forklift terminals for industrial trucks and mobile workstations meet these criteria.

In production areas and logistics centers there were and are the so-called info points or foreman's offices. There you will find PC workstations, printers, etc., i.e. IT infrastructure. However, modern logistics hardware in the form of mobile workstations brings exactly this IT to the place where it is needed.

  • Long battery life, short charging cycles and thus long use
  • Shortening of distances through direct and fast access
  • The classic PC functionality becomes mobile thanks to logistics hardware
  • Independence through WLAN connection
  • Completed system with printer and barcode reader

The necessity of reporting operating data in the production environment is now clear to everyone.
The future usage dimensions of mobile workplaces, e.g.

  • to map a complete "foreman's office" on the move and to integrate this directly into the production process,
  • no more distances for the employee to display a drawing on a screen, or
  • Printing or reprinting of production documents directly at the assembly work station leads to direct cost savings.

need to be better communicated.

With the mobility of the mobile workstations, the hygiene suitability and protection class must be linked as another major requirement. The accommodation and safe storage of IT components has always been a difficult point in food production. With the mobile workstations, not only accommodation is now guaranteed, but also simultaneous use.