Forklift terminal multifunctional

Multifunctional forklift terminal of the MOBILE MF series

FORSIS offers three different variants in the field of mobile forklift terminals, each of which is adapted to specific customer requirements. Because forklift terminals should always make do with the minimum external dimensions, but at the same time offer a maximum LCD viewing area. The multifunctional forklift terminal with the analog resistive touchscreen is available in the MOBILE MF (multifunctional) series in the inch sizes 10", 12" and 15". The also compactly designed multifunctional forklift terminals offer due to its design, a large number of expansion options:

  • Additional membrane keyboard can be integrated as an option in the front of the multifunctional forklift terminal
  • Contactless RFID reader for employee identification, also on industrial trucks
  • Versatile interfaces due to the second row of connectors
  • External antenna connection option
  • Individual button with direct assignment of application, command calls or control characters

If you reach the limits of your ideas and the possibilities of forklift terminals, our multifunctional forklift terminal will help.

In the past, together with our customers, we have repeatedly had situations where the possibilities of the single-touch and multi-touch forklift terminals were simply not sufficient. The background was of course the compact design, which is also desired for forklift terminals so as not to obstruct the driver's view and also to simply use the available assembly space.

The advantages of the forklift terminal are multifunctional

  • the second row of interfaces due to the overall depth of 130mm
  • the ability to fully customize the front panel
  • The internal space in the case to accommodate additional extensions.

Front area

The integration of the highly flexible and freely assignable FORSISI buttons is possible without any problems. Individual functions and/or program calls can be permanently stored here. You can find more about this in the "TASTER" section

It is possible to bring in a complete industry-standard membrane keyboard with a number block 0-9, a function key block F1-F8 and various control characters. The connection is then via USB or PS/2

Even the integration of an RFID reader is possible at this point. Of course, the evaluation can also be used purely in the application to release the floor conveyor signal.

Connection area

An external antenna connector can be provided on the second row of connectors. Up to 3 antenna connections are possible. Of course, serial interfaces and USB connections can also be brought out more, e.g. to query sensors in the fork of the forklift. There are no limits here. ask for

Security Considerations

To protect traffic in your intralogistics, it is possible to block the screen or optionally only the touch screen of the multifunctional forklift terminal as soon as the industrial truck starts moving. This is recognized by the internal acceleration sensor in the stacker terminal.

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Mechanical structure of the multifunctional forklift terminal

Staplerterminal Multifunction Kbd Min
  • The housing of the multifunctional forklift terminal is made of steel / aluminum sheet metal parts. These are powder coated on the outside and galvanized on the inside
  • The device design is compact and vibration-proof
  • The multifunctional forklift terminal has minimal cabling and no mechanically moving components
  • The heat dissipation on the multifunctional forklift terminal takes place via the rear ten millimeter thick mounting plate, all heat-generating components dissipate here
  • At the same time, this plate also offers attachment preparation in VESA 100 format

Forklift terminal multifunctional - specifications

Staplerterminal Multifunction Side Min
  • The degree of protection of the multifunctional forklift terminal [EN60529] is IP65 on the front and, depending on the type and version, IP54 on the connection side
  • Approvals: CE, FCC
  • Vibration and shock test according to DIN EN 60721-3-5/5M3
  • Wireless connection: IEEE 802.11 ac/g/n
  • Bluetooth interface if WLAN adapter is integrated in the multifunctional forklift terminal
  • Standard temperature range: -20°C to 50°C due to the chosen components
  • Humidity: 0 – 90% (non-condensing)

Controls - membrane keyboard

Staplerterminal Multifunction Taster Min

The brightness sensor and the status displays on the multifunctional forklift terminal are also available on all device variants.

  • The backlight of the LCD is adjusted depending on the measured ambient brightness
  • Status displays: 1: Power / 2: HDD active / 3: Error / 4: Message

As a special feature, the multifunctional forklift terminal of the MOBILE MF series offers the option of integrating individual buttons or a membrane keyboard into the front. This means that additional entries are possible without a separate keyboard.

  • Foil keypad with F1-F12, 0-9 and cursor control keys
  • Up to eight individual buttons with free assignment possible

Dimensions of the multifunctional forklift terminal of the MOBILE MF series

Panel PC Multitouch Interface Protection

Below you will find the external dimensions of the multifunctional forklift terminal of the MOBILE MF series. All dimensions in mm.

  • Variant 1000
    LCD Size: 10.4"

    Resolution: 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768
    width: 267 / height: 266* / depth: 99
    Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Variant 1200
    LCD Size: 12.1"

    Resolution: 1024x768
    Width: 300 / Height: 288* / Depth: 99
    Weight: 5.1 kg
  • Variant 1500**
    LCD Size: 15"

    Resolution: 1024x768
    Width: 365 / Height: 340 / Depth: 1159
    Weight: 7.3 kg

* The impact-resistant antenna housing with IP65 protection class increases the housing height of the multifunctional forklift terminal by 60mm
** Only available with analog resistive touchscreen technology

The difference between the models in the forklift terminal series is not just the touchscreen technology, but also the connection rows and the associated device depth.

WLAN connection according to IEEE802.11 ac/g/n combined with Bluetooth V4.0

Staplerterminal Resistiv WLAN Min
  • The multifunctional forklift terminal offers a MINI PCIe slot - free choice of WLAN adapter
  • FORSIS offers its own antenna for all device series.
    The antenna consists of three differently oriented individual antenna systems. Depending on the number of antenna connections of the WLAN card used, these can be combined as desired
  • The antennas work in the 2.4 GHz - 5 GHz range. This means that Bluetooth signals could also be placed on these antennas, especially with the combi WLAN adapter
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 ac/g/n standard and Bluetooth V4.0 are supported
  • In addition to implementing the n standard, our goal was to develop a robust antenna with protection class IP65

connector rows

Staplerterminal Multifunction Interface Min

All cable connections of the multifunctional forklift terminal are on the back and go down. Four screw terminals are mounted on a carrier to relieve strain on the cables. This carrier is removable by a secured knurled screw. In concrete terms, this means: Simple and one-off installation of the cables. The cable carrier remains in place even if the device is replaced.

The main difference between the multifunctional MOBILE MF forklift terminal and the other two models, MOBILE and MOBILE MT, is that the MOBILE MF has two (instead of one) rows of connections due to its larger installation depth. This means that additional interfaces of the CPU unit can be routed to the outside, just like external antenna connections with a wide variety of connectors.

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Mounting options - rear view

Staplerterminal Multitouch Rear Min

The aluminum carrier plate of the multifunctional forklift terminal primarily serves as a mechanical mount for the
different fastening systems. The VESA 100 standard is supported. This allows the multifunctional forklift terminal to be attached to the practical mounting systems offered by FORSIS. Find out more about mounting systems and assembly here!

As with the stationary devices of the PROFI series, the multifunctional forklift terminal MOBILE MF offers the option of identifying the employee using an RFID tag. This makes sense, for example, if you want to ensure that the employee is authorized for certain processes, such as using a vehicle. In addition, the RFID technology offers the possibility, for example, to create logs of travel times. FORSIS offers the following RFID processes:

  • LEGIC prime / LEGIC advant
  • MIFARE classic / MIFARE DESFire / EV1 125kHz
  • ISO14443A (CSN / UID)
  • ISO15693 (CSN / UID)
  • Sony FeliCa (CSN / UID)
  • Inside Secure (CSN / UID)

The reading unit is completely integrated in the housing of the multifunctional forklift terminal. USB HID or serial transmission can be selected as the data interface.

In everyday work, in addition to touchscreen operation, it may be necessary to enter command chains or program calls using the keyboard. Sometimes there are also changes between applications or recurring input sequences that complicate the work processes in the production environment, because e.g. you have to work with gloves. Especially in the mobile area, a fast or automated input of standard processes can accelerate the work process. By assigning key codes via the "FORSIS Support GUI" software, individual adaptation to the application is possible. It can be used on any PC, no special drivers are required. The buttons or the external keyboard pads are automatically recognized as USB input devices. The installation in the multifunctional forklift terminal is possible with different button shapes.

Only one-time programming necessary

Up to 120 key codes (scan codes) or text characters can be assigned to a key. After the key codes have been saved, they are retained until they are overwritten again. This enables use on any computer. The key codes (scancodes) are the English USB-HID scancodes.

Three modes can be selected in the keyboard module: text, key combination and scan codes (key codes).
The first two modes make configuration easier as the user does not have to enter the scancode of each individual key, instead the program automatically converts the entered text or key combination into a scancode. If the first two modes do not offer the desired functionality, you can enter the scan code yourself.

  • Function Key Configuration: Scan Code
    In this mode, the appropriate scan code and modifier can be entered for the desired number of keys.
  • Function key configuration: Textmode
    In the "Text" configuration mode, only the desired text has to be entered and saved. The function can then be tested using a test field.
  • Function key configuration: key combination
    In this mode, you must first specify how many key combinations are to be executed in succession (a maximum of eight is possible). The desired key combinations can then be entered in the text fields. Problems can arise when entering a key combination, as this can already be executed by the operating system. Here, the Support GUI offers the option of facilitating input using the buttons ("Windows" / "ALT" / "STRG" / "ALT GR" / "TAB").

The second row of interfaces in the multifunctional forklift terminal means that the housing depth of the device increases, but the advantages that result from this second row of interfaces are enormous.

In a direct comparison between the resistive forklift terminal MOBILE and the multifunctional forklift terminal MOBILE MF, you can see the difference between the model series. The MOBILE series has a smaller housing depth, but only one interface row is available. The greater housing depth of the MOBILE MF series makes a second row of connections available and thus offers the possibility of leading additional interfaces to the outside. External antenna connections can also be brought out with a wide variety of connectors.

Based on our experience, the extensions to the serial interfaces are particularly important. Although these interfaces have often been portrayed as outdated or obsolete, they are always needed due to the existing old devices. The multifunctional forklift terminal MOBILE MF offers up to four serial interfaces, also with power supply on PIN9. Interface extensions for antenna connections, which are required for external roof antennas, can also be easily implemented with the multifunctional forklift terminal.