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Stainless steel PCs and workplaces for the hygienic environment

The manufacture of food and pharmaceutical products does not allow any compromises - neither in terms of hygiene in the manufacturing process nor in terms of product traceability. That is why the requirements here are extremely high. Just as high are the requirements for the hardware used for data acquisition in the form of stainless steel PCs - industrial PCs in a stainless steel housing.

Uncompromisingly tight! The stainless steel PC from FORSIS

Do you work reliably and economically? Can your stainless steel PCs withstand a hard water jet, powerful cleaning agents or high temperatures below zero in the production environment without additional enclosures?
The stainless steel PCs of the FORSIS EXPERT series work absolutely reliably even under extreme conditions, and on request even in EX areas with ATEX certificate. The position and protection of the cable feed depends on your requirements. The result: minimal installation and maintenance costs.

With FORSIS as a holistic solution partner, you play it safe in every relationship - regardless of whether it is about robust stainless steel PCs or mobile stainless steel workstations. Standard-compliant stainless steel design and the appropriate protection class ensure maximum availability with minimal cleaning and maintenance costs.

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Requirements for the industrial computer - industrial PC

Below are some scenarios that you may also find in your operational environment and that you should therefore consider.

Temperature-resistant industrial PC

In the industrial environment, industrial PCs and data feedback systems are often exposed to extreme ambient temperatures. If the behavior is constant, you can respond to it. It can be heated, especially in the deep-freeze area at -28° Celsius. In the other extreme case, this can be counteracted by targeted housing ventilation and targeted heat dissipation.
But how does it behave in a situation with rapidly and strongly fluctuating temperatures, e.g. B. on vehicles. Here, the industrial PC must be specially protected and, above all, the formation of condensation must be avoided. Key word: LCD and touch screen have to be glued - bounding.

Shock resistance of industrial PC hardware

Shocks and vibrations are always a challenge for industrial PCs. Individual components must be specially secured. Cable connections are to be strain-relieved and relieved.
Basically, there are no moving mechanical components in the industrial PC. The implementation of these protective measures is of course a basic requirement for industrial PCs that are used on the move. Of course, the fastening systems and the damping measures also play a role here. You can find more information about our forklift terminals from the MOBILE series here.

Waterproof industrial PCs - hygienic environment

It is becoming more and more pleasant for employees in production halls. However, there may be areas where splash water protection (IP65 or higher) is still important. This is the real strength of the industrial PC. It must therefore always withstand these requirements, at least in the operational area. We have been developing and producing "waterproof" industrial PCs for years. Here we offer three different industrial PC series that are not created for anything else. Further information on the industrial PC series from FORSIS can be found here: EXPERT SBC, EXPERT SE and EXPERT BS

Advantages of a FORSIS industrial PC compared to a standard PC

  • PC and MMI (Man-Machine-Interface, i.e. screen and touch) are connected to each other and form a unit
  • The protection class always applies to the entire industrial PC
  • The industrial PC can be attached directly via a mounting system
  • No accessories are necessary, the mouse is replaced by the touch function, the keyboard is on screen
  • There is no need to accommodate individual components such as external power supplies and much more
  • No additional protective housing is required for the industrial PCs
  • With an industrial PC you have a minimized space requirement
  • Distances are reduced by indirectly mounting the industrial PC at the data source, such as on the machine or the workplace

The requirements for the "classic" industrial PC with the highest possible protection class are still given. But PC-based recording devices have long been used in areas of production and manufacturing where the environmental conditions are more pleasant.
The industrial PC series of the ENTRY is suitable for this.

With the PROFI series, an industrial PC was designed for stationary use in an industrial environment. Particular attention was paid to the production of a device that can be used consistently for the different customer requirements. Starting with the simplest BDE feedback through to complex visualization.

The PROFI series already presented is divided into two construction lines, depending on the desired touchscreen technology. The classic industrial PC line with "analogue resistive touch panel" and the line described below with "MULTI TOUCH" technology.
The FORSIS modular technology makes it possible to place the front section with touch and LCD on the same CPU cassette. Both versions therefore have the same external dimensions - all general technical data remain valid.

The industrial PCs of the MASTER series embody what FORSIS understands by the term "classic" machine terminals. Housed in an extraordinarily robust, HF-tight aluminum die-cast housing, equipped with numerous interfaces and slots, they offer maximum performance, resilience and a large variety of variants.
The device is offered with 10.4", 15" and 17" LCD display units.

MIS - employee information systems for the manufacturing and production environment

Not only is data collection in the production environment important, but feedback to your employees also increases quality and motivation. Use the continuity of the FORSIS product range. Acquisition and feedback with the exact same system architecture.

Or as a LINUX platform.

Would you like to know in which environment you can use our industrial PCs? Under the heading "Reference Reports in the Industrial Environment" some of our customers report on their practical experiences with FORSIS products in their operational environment.

Neugierig? Then ask about it!

In addition to the products for the manufacturing and production environment, FORSIS offers other approaches to data acquisition.

Here you will find all extensions for our industrial PCs.

Typical areas of application for industrial PCs are:

process visualization

The process visualization enables the graphical representation of processes for quality management, process engineering, business processes and much more. Depending on the focus, either core processes, management processes or supporting processes can be presented. An industrial PC enables the display of chronological sequences and their interconnection.

industrial automation

Industrial automation is used to automate technical processes in machines, plants or technical systems. The degree of automation increases the more independent the machines are from human intervention. The use of industrial PCs helps to collect data for analysis in order to achieve the goal of a higher degree of automation.


The aim of robotics is to create a controlled cooperation between electronics and mechanics through programming. Autonomous industrial robots can be monitored using industrial PCs and their production data evaluated.

Industrial and security technology

The security of technical systems can be increased with the help of industrial PCs by monitoring programs channeling incoming data and making it available for analysis.

test and test benches

A test stand is usually controlled by a real-time computer such as an industrial PC, which specifies the target values. The logged target and measured values are then visualized on the industrial PC and saved for later evaluation.

quality assurance

Quality assurance checks compliance with specified quality requirements. Industrial PCs can be used to centrally collect and manage the data determined.

Advantages of a FORSIS industrial PC compared to a normal computer or a feedback station with a discrete structure:

  • Our solutions are immune to dust, shock, aerosols, high temperatures and electromagnetic interference
  • No external ventilation, internal recirculation
  • The housing offers a corresponding protection class: always at least IP65 on the front

And should the need for service arise with an industrial PC...

  • ...we do not conduct a search for the defective unit. There is always a complete exchange.
  • ...the entire system can be changed quickly. Guaranteed by four mounting points attached to all our industrial PCs.

Protection against vandalism

  • All components in and on the industrial PC can only be loosened using tools.

In the industrial sector, value is placed on a high level of reliability. However, a failure in the device category of an industrial PC can never be completely avoided, since complete redundancy cannot be implemented. The selection of first-class components (ultra low power voltage CPU, high-quality capacitors, first-class plug contacts, etc.), which are designed for continuous operation and the avoidance of error-prone components (fans, filter systems, consumer plug connections, etc.), results in industrial PCs with a much better MTBF than the conventional PC offers.

These devices are designed for continuous operation 24/7 even under extreme operating conditions. Basically, maintenance is not a bad thing. Planned maintenance even reduces costs and failures. The industrial PC also needs this, always specifically for the touch screen and the cable design. You can find more here

  • We guarantee you personal support from our sales team
  • FORSIS enables individual designs of your industrial PC according to the customer's requirements, even from the smallest quantities
  • The production takes place in Germany according to the ISO 9001:2015 guidelines
  • Our service team is also located in Germany - our industrial PCs are not only "Made" but also "Serviced in Germany".
  • Guaranteed availability of spare parts in the event of repairs for at least 5 years

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