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Forklift terminal in different variants

Do you want to introduce a driver guidance system for your forklift fleet?
The data collection in your company should also take place in your intralogistics!
Do you want to modernize your existing forklift terminals on your forklift trucks in shipping?

FORSIS offers the right platform for this with a wide range of forklift terminals and mobile workstations.

Germany is now a logistics hub for the whole of Europe. Logistics centers are springing up all along the highways. At the same time, we consumers expect delivery to take place overnight. As a result, expectations of delivery services are constantly being raised.

This can only be managed with a maximum degree of automation and warehouse logistics. The software applications you use must be implemented on logistics hardware that is characterized by reliability, performance and service friendliness.

The forklift terminals on your industrial trucks are the linchpin of a discreet relocation of pallets.


Not all forklift terminals are the same forklift terminals

Where do forklift terminals differ

The forklift terminals of the FORSIS MOBILE series have been developed to record data on forklift trucks and to provide the driver with information.

The devices perfectly combine high performance, low weight and minimal dimensions.

You must also consider the following points when making your selection:

  • The WLAN connection - this is where you should focus, because the connection makes the difference - FORSIS forklift terminals are equipped with a triple antenna, which is polarized in the xyz direction
  • The power supply - dynamic in the input and therefore stable for the forklift terminal
  • The attachment - forklift terminals must be flexibly adjustable, mountable without interfering with the vehicle and not in the driver's field of vision

Important properties of a forklift terminal from FORSIS

  • Housing is made of sheet steel, powder-coated on the outside and galvanized on the inside
  • The device design is compact and vibration-proof
  • Analogue resistive touchscreen, as a variant capacitive MULTITOUCH
  • Minimized wiring and no mechanically moving components
  • The degree of protection [EN60529] is IP65 on the front, IP54 on the connection side
  • Approvals: CE, FCC, vibration and shock test according to DIN EN 60721-3-5/5M3
  • Wireless connection: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/
  • Temperature range: -20°C to 50°C in the standard, expandable to -30°C
  • Mounting is done using different mounting systems, VESA 100
  • The cable feed is from below, protected and strain-relieved
  • Power supply: typically 24V DC with an input range
  • Extension options: keyboards, scanners and their supply
Our sales team is happy to be there for you personally!

From a technical point of view, there are worlds between stationary and mobile data acquisition devices. Based on the forklift terminals, you will find some distinguishing criteria below.

  • High-availability computing unit for the data acquisition devices
  • Compact design with robust and flexible mounts VESA 100
  • Fan and plateless system with no moving mechanical parts
  • Placement of all important interfaces with minimized internal cabling
  • Connection of the logistics hardware via WLAN, UMTS, GPS
  • DC/DC wide input range for vehicle operation, with vehicle signaling
  • Extended temperature range -28°C to 50°C when stationary
  • A vibration-resistant structure is a must for logistics hardware
  • Special approvals for use in road traffic



FORSIS offers its own MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) antenna for all device series, especially of course for the mobile forklift terminal.
MIMO antenna systems offer higher data transmission rates, longer ranges and are not only "immune" to multipath propagation, they actually make use of it. A MIMO system is therefore best suited in the logistics environment and especially for use in industrial indoor areas without a direct line of sight between a forklift terminal and an AP/router. In addition to implementing the classic standards, our goal was to develop a robust antenna (protection class IP65).

Zubehör zum StaplerterminalFORSIS basically supplements its logistics hardware products directly by integrating barcode or RFID readers or indirectly by adding them. In the logistics environment, these are of course the classic wired or radio-connected barcode solutions and handheld terminals. Our subsidiary KUMAIDENT GmbH in Stuttgart is at your disposal as the competence on this.

The analog resistive touch of the MOBILE series optimally combines high performance, low weight and minimal dimensions.

Due to its construction with front foil on the glass carrier, it has a laminated glass effect. This means that in the event of the touch panel being destroyed, no glass splinters can splinter outwards.

It can be operated with gloves, pens, etc.

The alternative to resistive touch is the capacitive touch screen surface, also called PCAP multi-touch technology. The front pane is designed as a protective glass pane (laminated glass) and hardened by chemical surface treatment.

Full gesture control is possible on operating systems that support it.

In addition to the compact MOBILE series, the MOBILE MF (multifunction) offers a large number of expansion options thanks to its design.

In addition to the wide range of different forklift terminals, we also offer a reduced number of industrial tablet PCs. Naturally tailored to our view of industrial data acquisition: flexible and modular.

In addition to forklift terminals and mobile workstations for logistics, FORSIS offers other approaches to data acquisition.
You can find more solutions and information here.

Intra logistics can also be increased

Due to the complex relocation of goods of all kinds, as well as the ever-increasing expectations in relation to delivery times, the expectations of delivery services are constantly being raised. The applications used must therefore be implemented on logistics hardware that is characterized by reliability, performance and service friendliness.

In addition to the highly complex systems in sorting and distribution centers, it is often the intra-logistics solutions that every manufacturing company usually has, where further optimization potential is hidden. Here, too, forklift terminals on industrial trucks and/or mobile workstations help to simplify processes.

In the manufacturing environment in Germany, all procedures and processes are being examined and optimized. Our industrial PCs are also used here. In classic machining or in hygiene-sensitive environment. This procedure is now also to be transferred to the logistics processes in the company to be automated and calls for the use of mature logistics hardware to be an absolute necessity.

The goal here is to optimize the route of the goods and the means of transport during production, always utilize the volumes and ensure the supply of those involved in the company. Forklift trucks that are optimally connected and integrated make an important contribution to this process.

FORSIS offers the right platform for this with its logistics hardware specially designed for mobile use in the form of forklift terminals and mobile workstations.

It is difficult if not impossible to find the perfect forklift terminal that is suitable for all applications. The requirements are individual and complex, as there are always well-known opposites when it comes to mobile data acquisition on the industrial truck:

  • Space requirement: It is always an advantage to have the largest possible LCD, but without impairing the driver's field of vision
  • Performance: The terminal should have a fast response time, with low consumption and low heat dissipation
  • Construction: Sufficient connection options and extensions should be available

For this reason, FORSIS offers three different forklift terminal variants in the MOBILE series.

The MOBILE forklift terminal with analogue resistive touch screen - indestructible

With the MOBILE MT forklift terminal with capacitive touch screen, the focus is on operation - multi-touch

The MOBILE MF forklift terminal is extremely flexible and multifunctional - there is no such thing as impossible

Our goal is to find the optimal solution for each customer from the contradictions and contradictions of customer requirements. The FORSIS MOBILE series optimally combines high performance, low weight and minimal dimensions.

FORSIS has been offering an extensive range of different mobile workstations for years. The focus is always on a robust mechanical structure that withstands all the requirements in the harsh industrial and logistics environment. In addition, FORSIS completes its product range with mobile workstations in stainless steel for hygienically sensitive locations and with smaller mobile workstations for the assembly area.

Here is an overview of our mobile workstations:

  • Entry option
    The entry-level solution is light, flexible and immediately ready for use. Every beginning is difficult and if you are still unsure whether a mobile workstation is the right one for your application, you cannot go wrong here. Attractive to buy and still powerful.
  • Flexible work surface
    This is a workstation with a universal shelf that offers plenty of space for storing keyboards, scanners and printers. In addition, this variant offers the option of attaching the device to a mounting bracket. This means there is even more storage space available.
  • Protective bar
    The industrial PC and operating systems are installed at eye level on the cross bar of the operating system. A protective bar is routed over all components to protect the devices.
  • Hygiene
    In the hygiene-sensitive environment, a further function is added to the mobile workplace. The protection of the components in the cleaning process and compliance with the guidelines of the hygiene regulations.