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Stainless steel printer station from FORSIS

FORSIS completes its product portfolio for the hygiene-sensitive area with the stationary stainless steel printer station, which can also be used as a protective housing for wall mounting.

The individuality of the stainless steel printer station lies not only in the different possible uses, but also in the different dimensions in which it is available, but above all in the fact that customer requirements can be implemented. The flexibility lies in being able to realize almost any size for the customer and to be able to optionally equip each stainless steel printer station with a printer drawer.

As in every area, the focus for FORSIS is on the holistic solution, taking into account hygiene and functionality in handling for the food processing industry and for pharmaceutical companies.

  • Convenient storage space for printers in hygiene-sensitive environments
  • Protection class IP69 on the front according to EN60529
  • Hygienically safe design according to HACCP and EHEDG regarding mechanics and construction
  • Easy and effective cleaning ensured by preventing liquid build-up and dead spots
  • Printer extract for easy refilling of labels
  • Cable feeds on request - feel free to contact us!
Our sales team is happy to be there for you personally!

Stainless steel printer station - wall mounting

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Easy to clean thanks to wall mounting
Mounting the printer station directly on the wall naturally has the advantage that the floor can be cleaned completely and easily. The cable feed can be direct. However, the problem with cleaning between the stainless steel printer box and the wall can play a role here again. FORSIS offers spacers made of stainless steel. So that the "hand" comes in between for cleaning.

The mounting points (lugs) for attachment can be designed according to customer requirements. The stainless steel printer box can not only be mounted at the rear but also on the side. Contact us here.

The Industry Terminal impresses with the very best in service friendliness

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If it is necessary for the stainless steel printer box to stand freely, stands can be added. The power supply can be fed in via PG screw connections or crimp connectors from the ceiling or the floor. The extract for a printer is clearly visible in the picture.


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For FORSIS as a holistic solution partner, it is particularly important to be able to realize every customer request. Our strength lies in being customer-oriented and flexible in our way of working.

Rarely have we realized stainless steel printer stations that would have been alike. Give us your requirements - we will be happy to make you a non-binding offer for your personal stainless steel printer station.