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Panel PC resistive of the PROFI series

The resistive Panel PC series of the PROFI series is designed for stationary use in an industrial environment. Particular attention was paid to the development of a device that can be used consistently for different customer requirements.

From the simplest BDE feedback to complex visualization, the PROFI line offers everything you could wish for from a resistive panel PC.

The resistive touch panel ensures that this panel PC can also be operated with gloves. In addition, it is calibration-resistant and insensitive to surface moisture. The perfect device for a demanding industrial environment!

A solid and reliable panel PC needs a robust and compact housing that can withstand greater loads. All installed components must be protected against external influences and anchored accordingly. Vibration, dust, oils and flying sparks are unavoidable in the production environment, for example - coupled with the temperature fluctuations that occur, this is a major challenge for the hardware.

FORSIS has made exactly this challenge its core business and has successfully incorporated the experience of 25 years of company history into the design of the Panel PCs across all products. Numerous industrial companies in almost all manufacturing sectors actively use Panel PCs from FORSIS.

The PROFI device series is therefore ideally suited for all areas of application, such as production areas that require protection, environments with high humidity, substrates shaken by vibrations or fastening systems, high and low temperature areas.

See the Overview of Protection Classes.

The special features of a FORSIS PROFI resistive Panel PC

  • LCD sizes: 10.4", 15", 17" and 19" in 4:3 format
  • 21.5" in 16:9 format
  • Analog resistive panel PC:
    • easy to use with fingers, gloves, stylus, etc.
    • has a laminated glass effect, i.e. there are no glass splinters if the resistive touch panel breaks
  • Protection class: IP65 on the front
  • RFID reader integrated in the front: LEGIC© (advant), mifare© (DESFire) and hitag©
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Front area of the Panel PC resistive according to customer requirements

Panel PC Resistiv Rfid Min

An advantage of the FORSIS PANEL PC with resistive touch technology that should not be underestimated is that the front can be designed completely freely. In this example image you can see:

  • RFID reader - The plastic panel on the front of the resistive panel PC offers the option of installing contactless reader systems. LEGIC© (advant), mifare© (DESFire) or hitag© are offered.
  • Special function keys - Integrated function keys; A maximum of four buttons can be designed as desired, connection via keyboard controller via USB HID.
  • Status display - two additional LEDs are available.

Optionaler 2D Barcode Leser

Panel PC Resistiv Scanner Min

As an alternative or in addition to the external barcode reader, there is the option of permanently integrating a 2D barcode reader into the access protection of the resistive Panel PCs.

This is ideal for the resistive Panel PC of the PROFI series if there is a desire to read a barcode by hand. The data is passed on via USB/HID.

Standard interfaces with cable strain relief

Panel PC Multitouch Interface Min

All cable connections are on the back of the resistive Panel PC and go down.

To relieve strain on the cables, four to six screw terminals are attached to a carrier. This means that the cables are bundled and the interface connectors are relieved.

Replacing a device is child's play because the strain relief plate can be easily removed and remains on site.

Plug protection - access protection

Panel PC Resistiv Interface Protection Min

To protect the plug connection, the entire connection side of the resistive Panel PC can optionally be closed with a protective hood. The cover is secured by two studs and two thumbscrews.

Several versions of the cable outlet are available, such as RITTAL crimp technology or classic PG screw connections.

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WiFi connection

Panel PC Resistiv Wlan Min

WLAN connection according to IEEE802.11 ac/g/n combined with Bluetooth V4.0

  • All FORSIS devices can optionally be expanded with a WLAN module
  • The CPU board offers a MINI PCIe slot so that any WLAN adapter can be integrated
  • The FORSIS antenna consists of 3 differently oriented individual antenna systems. Depending on the number of antenna connections on the WLAN card, these can be combined as desired
  • The antennas work in the 2.4 GHz - 5 GHz range. This means that Bluetooth signals can also be placed on these antennas, especially with the combination WLAN adapter
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 ac/g/n standard and Bluetooth V4.0 are supported
  • The robust antenna has protection class IP65
  • Housing
    CPU housing made of sheet steel / aluminum front
  • Interface
    Powder-coated on the outside, galvanized on the inside
  • degree of protection
    Front: IP65 according to DIN EN 60529/VDE 04
    Connection: IP65 according to DIN EN 60529/VDE 04
  • Wireless antenna
    Preparation for IP65 protected antenna housing
  • Access Protection
    Protective cover for the connections can only be removed with a tool
  • Mounting
    Rear VESA100 mount with M6 threaded bolt
  • System board processor
    6th generation processors - SKYLAKE, DUAL CORE, four threads Celeron 3955U 2x2.0 GHz Cache 2 MB

    i3 6200U 2x2.3GHz Cache 3MB

    i5 6400U 2x2.4GHz Cache 3MB

    i7 6600U 2x2.6GHz Cache 4 MB

  • Chipset
    INTEL-U series (Skylake architecture) included in the chipset
  • Graphic card
    onboard, INTEL HD Graphics 520/210
  • Memory
    NON-ECC, DDRL/DDR3L-RS and LPDDR3 dual SIMM up to 16GB
  • Data storage port
    SSD, format M.2
  • BIOS
    AMI UEFI 128bit incl. Secure Boot and TPM encryption in UEFI MODE
  • Network Ethernet
    2 x 1 GBit/S Wake on Lan, S5 capable Port 1: INTEL 100 / Port 2: INTEL 210 GIGABIT
  • Connections (can be used externally)
    USB: 4 x USB Type A2.0
    Video: 1x HDMI 1.4 and 1x VGA
    Ethernet: 2 x RJ45 (1GBit/s)
    Serial: 2 x RS232 (DB9 connector socket, 1 x optional with Vcc on PIN9)
    Power connection IEC cable
  • Optional interface
    Serial: 2 x RS232 (DB9 female connector)

The peculiarities of an industrial computer compared to the conventional PC are of course primarily in its shape and design, i.e. the panel PC is optimized for the respective application and environment. In concrete terms, this can mean: increased temperature range, use in hygiene-sensitive environments, mobile on vehicles and much more.

In addition, the resistive panel OC from FORSIS offers hidden possibilities that make it suitable for special purposes. These small differences are usually realized in the form of additional circuit boards or hardware. In order to fully exploit their possibilities, they must be configured before delivery. This step is done by the FORSIS Support GUI. This can be used to configure the entire FORSIS series and its add-ons.

  • Setup routine when starting the resistive panel PC to determine which additional functions are in the form of add-ons on supported boards.
  • Central monitoring of the entire periphery from one place.
  • Representation of all device-specific data of the resistive panel PC, such as device type, serial number, expansion stage, etc. This means that a support request can be specifically asked and thus help can be more specific.
  • The log function: the status of the device is constantly monitored during operation. In the event of an error or critical status, an entry is made in the corresponding log file. There is a general log file and a log file for each board so that errors can be traced more easily.
  • A setup is available for the Support GUI, which means that installation on a newly installed operating system is not a problem (all required drivers are also installed).
  • The screen brightness of the resistive Panel PC can be adjusted using key combinations.
  • Autostart: minimized in tray mode.

Different BIOS values from the category system, chassis and BIOS in general can be read from the resistive panel PC. On the motherboard itself, the processor, main memory and hard disk are read out. FORSIS sets the system values, also customer-specific:

  • System: Vendor, Version, Serial, Product, UUID/GUID, SKU, Family
  • Chassis: manufacturer, version, serial number

Direct access via API to the mainboard values (live) supplements and expands the board settings. This includes temperature, fan speed, voltages and currents, etc. Furthermore, the display brightness can be adjusted via the board.