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Industrie PC Bracket Table Min

The secure mechanical attachment of data acquisition devices in use requires well thought-out and tried-and-tested attachment systems. The PC mounts must withstand shock and vibration. At the same time, the mounting systems must be flexibly mountable and easy for the operator to adjust.

Prerequisite for almost all PC holders is the VESA 100 standard on the device itself. This standard is always offered with the FORSIS products except for the MASTER series.

The industrial PC brackets from our assembly support program extend and round off the FORSIS product range. A flexible and modular mounting system can now accommodate the widest variety of customer requirements in the field of device assembly. Whether securely mounted on the wall, on the ceiling or on the floor.

Other typical application examples are also industrial mounts with a movable support or swivel arm. The objective was to be able to offer a flexible and modular construction kit system that technically covers all requirements. But also through small special features to make everyday work in production easier.

On the back of the devices you will find threaded studs or threaded bushes in a 100x100 mm square for quick assembly.

The strong carrier plate offers the optimal possibility of distributing forces over the entire system.

The special features:

  • VESA 100 threaded bolt 4xM5 for screwing
  • Optimum distribution of forces thanks to the 10 mm thick ALU carrier plate that is screwed over the entire surface
  • Cable exit downwards, protected by cover
  • All cables are strain-relieved but still designed for quick device changes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy adjustment by the operator so there is no compromise on safety
  • Good and easy accessibility so that the device can be changed quickly

The U-bracket allows the device to be mounted to the rear. A mount for a BERNSTEIN ball head is provided. This type of mounting enables an extremely flat mount.

The viewing angle of the computer unit can be adjusted as required.

Like the U-angle, the L-angle works together with a ball head system. Here the assembly of the ball head takes place in the horizontal plane.

The viewing angle of the computer unit can be adjusted as required.

The VESA mount is actually a synonym for the attachment points for monitors and of course industrial PC mounts.

The term VESA actually stands for the Video Electronics Standards Association. An association of different companies that came together to define uniform standards in the field of computer graphics and video technology. Society still plays this role today. On her initiative, far-reaching technical specifications were made in the field of screen properties. such as display timings.

In order for the computer sending the video signal and the display receiving the video signal to understand each other, both sides must use a signal that follows the same timing rules. Display Monitor Timing (DMT).

The latest developments take this into account by also including the new requirements and framework conditions. As an example connections/hardware interfaces:

  • VESA Feature Connector (VFC)
  • VESA Advanced Feature Connector (VAFC)
  • VESA Enhanced Video Connector
  • VESA Stereo
  • VESA Video Interface Port (VIP)

VESA mounts (screen mounts)

In our case, however, what is more important is what the VESA organization has defined with regard to fastening systems in the area of flat screens and of course also industrial PCs. The FDMI (Flat Display Mounting Interface) standard applies here. It defines the attachment of devices to walls, ceilings, tables or vehicles, which provides at least 4 threads for metric screws depending on the dimensions and weight of the screen.

Until October 2002, this standardization was known as Flat Panel Monitor Physical Mounting Interface (FPMPMI).

The variants of the FDMI are diverse and start with four threads with distances of 50 and 20 mm in five different arrangements. For naming in datasheets, a syntax is provided beginning with VESA, followed by MIS for Mounting Interface Standard, the applicable part of the standard, and the applicable options of that part. The following specifications regarding the screen diagonal and the maximum total mass are assigned to the individual parts:

  • Part A: Open, future developments;
  • Part B: 10.2 to 020.2 cm diagonal screen; max. 2 kg; 4 screws 4mm, 0.7 pitch, 6mm length
  • Part C: 20.3 to 030.4 cm diagonal screen; max. 4.5 kg; 4 screws 4mm, 0.7 pitch, 8mm length
  • Part D: 30.5 to 058.3 cm diagonal screen; max. 14 kg; 4 screws 4 mm, 0.7 pitch, 10 mm length
  • Part E: 58.4 to 078.6 cm screen diagonal; max 50 lbs; 6 screws 4mm, 0.7 pitch, 10mm length
  • Part F: 78.7 to 228.6 cm diagonal screen; max 113.6 kg; n Screws 6 mm, 1.0 pitch, 10 mm length or 8 mm, 1.25 pitch, 16 mm length

In practice, parts AC are not very common and part D is used instead for smaller monitors down to 12".

From 200 x 200 mm, M6 screws are used instead of M4, with even larger mounts either M8 screws or hole pattern with 6, 8,... threads according to the VESA MIS-F standard.

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Industrial PC mounts - table system

Industrie PC Arbeitsplatz Fuss Iso Min

If you need something more than just attachment, our stand system is ideal.

If there is no appropriate assembly space, such as a workbench or a column, we offer you a flexibly configurable table module.

The default alignment

Staplerterminal Multitouch Rear Min

Stand and wall bracket - the standard attachment

The FORSIS stand and wall brackets are constructed in two parts. The same mounting bracket is always attached to the VESA 100 mount on the device itself. The stand or wall brackets of different lengths are attached to this.

This also creates the pivot point for the vertical axis.

Device type by LCD size:

1000/1200 Stand Distance between the axis of rotation and the table: 167mm

1000/1200 Wall bracket Distance between the axis of rotation and the wall: 100mm

from 1500 stand bracket distance of the axis of rotation to the table: 200mm

from 1500 wall bracket distance of the axis of rotation to the wall: 110mm

Industrial PC mount without limits - the mounting system

Industrie PC Bracket Example Min

1.455 / 5.000
The mounting support system (MS) extends and rounds off the FORSIS product range. A flexible and modular mounting system can now accommodate the widest range of customer requirements in the field of device assembly.

Special adapter plates for safe and quick assembly.

  • The devices are installed so that they can be rotated and tilted.
  • Hidden cable routing to the devices, no threading, simply insert into the cable duct. The floor remains free of cables.
  • Quick conversion of devices with quick-release fasteners.
  • Modular construction thanks to the building block system.
  • Colors aluminum natural, combined with accent colors gray or blue.
  • high resilience
  • Device safety: The device carrier mounting system meets the regulations regarding electrical and mechanical safety.
  • The metal parts are conductively connected.
  • Fastening of the device carrier: base, ceiling suspension, wall mounting, support arm (see the general catalogue)
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