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Overview of the IP protection classes

IP65 protection class or even IP69k characterize a standard that we have consistently implemented in our EXPERT series.

Whether rain, cleaning agents, grease, blood or oils, our EXPERT terminals are always IP69k-tight on the front. This is the only way the terminals can also be used in hygiene-sensitive areas. Depending on the cable cover and assembly options, you can choose between IP65, IP67 and IP69k on the connection side. The highest possible protection class of the EXPERT series is then IP69k all round.

Our PROFI series is ideal for dust-protected industrial PCs. These terminals have been specially developed for the harsh industrial environment. In parts of heavy industry, protection classes of IP52, IP54 and IP65 are required. Production dust, dirt and oils must not be allowed to settle inside the terminals. For the best possible protection, the PROFI terminals are always IP65 on the front. Moisture on the front cannot harm the terminals. The protection class up to IP54 can then be freely selected on the connection side.


The focus of the development of our industrial terminals is the special use in an aggressive production environment. The EXPERT series from FORSIS are protected against the ingress of moisture with special seals and adhesive techniques. All screw connections are encapsulated on the inside. Pressure compensation valves ensure an optimal climate.

All of these protective measures serve, for example, to ensure that all equipment can be cleaned under high pressure by a cleaning team after production has ended, without water getting into the electronics. In special cases, the use of a heater with thermostat control is also possible. Applications in the deep-freeze or outdoors are therefore possible below -20C°.

The degree of protection is always specified with IP + two code numbers. These indicate the scope of protection a housing offers with regard to foreign bodies/dust (first digit) and moisture or water (second digit).

Protection against dust and foreign objects, first digits are as follows:

0 no protection
1 Protection against solid foreign bodies with a diameter ≥ 50 mm
2 Protection against solid foreign objects with a diameter ≥ 12.5 mm
3 Protection against solid foreign bodies with a diameter ≥ 2.5 mm
4 Protection against solid foreign objects with a diameter ≥ 1.0 mm
5 Protection against harmful levels of dust
6 protection, dustproof

Protection from water, second digits are as follows:

0 no protection
1 Protection against dripping water
2 Protection against dripping water when the case is tilted up to 15°
3 Protection against falling spray water up to 60° from the vertical
4 Protection against splash water from all sides
5 Protection against water jets (nozzle) from any angle
6 Protection against strong water jets
7 Protection against temporary submersion
8 Protection against permanent immersion
9k protection against water during high-pressure/steam jet cleaning

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