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The mobile PC workstation in a practical entry-level variant

In addition to the forklift terminals, FORSIS offers another important logistics solution in the form of mobile PC workstations in a wide variety of designs.

The entry-level variant among the mobile PC workstations is designed for the network-independent supply of low-voltage consumers such as tablets, notebooks and, of course, the energy-saving industrial PCs from FORSIS. In the logistics sector, a flexible, handy and mobile storage option or a secure assembly option for components is often required. The mobile PC workstation ENTRY was conceived precisely for this purpose and represents the entry-level variant that one wishes for.

The mobile PC workstation from FORSIS has the following advantages for operation in the production and logistics environment:

  • Reduction of distances traveled by employees
  • Direct and fast access to higher-level systems
  • The combination of input and output media makes classic PC functionality mobile
  • Independence of the mobile PC workstation is secured by the battery unit and the WLAN connection
  • Completion of the mobile PC workstation with a label printer and barcode reader

Even if you want to work with a notebook or tablet, this mobile workstation is the ideal entry-level model.

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The basis of the mobile PC workstation

Mobiler PC Arbeitsplatz Side Min

The base of the mobile PC workstation consists of a welded tubular steel frame, equipped with plastic wheel caps and protective rubber on the roller extensions. Below are further details on the mobile PC workstation:

  • Upper sheet steel tabletop with recessed grip for easy operation with a usable area of approx. 480 x 465 mm (WxD)
  • Cable passage on the back
  • Bolted sheet steel crossbar in the lower area
  • All steel parts are powder-coated
  • The mobile PC workstation is equipped with four black swivel castors (Ø 125mm) - two of which have stoppers
  • Standard colour: Side supports in blue (similar to RAL 5010); remaining components in slate gray (similar to RAL 7015)

Optional power supply unit

Mobiler PC Arbeitsplatz Korpus Min

The mobile PC workstation can be equipped with a battery unit. An additional battery unit for the mobile PC workstation is provided for the mains-independent supply of low-voltage consumers such as tablets or notebooks. This typically offers 24V DC.

There are also USB ports with up to 1000 mA charging current. In special cases, we can adapt the output voltage to a user-specific voltage value. The standard output voltages are: DC 24V - and the battery capacity: Standard: 20Ah LiFePo.

The power supply components are housed in the drawer in the lower part of the mobile PC workstation.

More options

Mobiler PC Arbeitsplatz Haken Min

Optional shelf
The optional shelf can be variably screwed to all heights of the tubular steel frame. The assembly on the base frame of the mobile PC workstation can be mounted with the edges facing downwards or upwards. The storage area is approx. 475 x 445 mm (WxD)

Optional body
The body can be ordered to accommodate useful things in the mobile PC workstation. It is open at the front and back, the shelf at the bottom can be adjusted and rotated as desired (edges up or down) . The usable storage space is approx. 460 x 490 x 345 mm (WxDxH). The drawer in the storage compartment is also an option. However, both the storage compartment and the drawer are necessary when using the power supply. The power supply unit completely occupies the drawer.

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Use the diversity of the mobile PC workstation

Mobiler PC Arbeitsplatz Tablet Halter Min

The base frame presented above can also be delivered without castors on request. This transforms the mobile PC workstation into a narrow pedestal that can also be set up in places with little space to create work space for the warehouse workers. Would you like to learn more about this option? Don't hesitate to contact us. We are always there for you!

All of the following information is in mm

  • Overall dimensions (seen in sliding direction):
    Width: 615
    Depth: 610
    Height: 1055
  • Shelf dimensions:Width: 475
    Depth: 455
  • Printer room dimensions:Width: 460
    Depth: 490
    Height: 345
  • Height of the push handle:Height: 1055