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Our industrial terminal of the MASTER series

The industrial terminals of the MASTER series embody what FORSIS understands by the term “classic” industrial terminals.

Housed in extremely robust, HF-tight aluminum die-cast housings and equipped with numerous interfaces and slots, they offer the highest level of performance, resilience and a wide range of variants.

The industrial terminal MASTER is offered with 10.4 ", 15" and 17 "LCD display units.

  • Slots for ISA and PCI interface cards
  • Housing made of die-cast aluminum, constructed in two parts, powder-coated on the outside, bright aluminum on the inside
  • Degree of protection [EN60529]: IP65 on the front, IP54 on the connection side,
  • optional cable cover
  • Additional attachment of RFID readers possible
  • Mounting using lateral attachment points (stand or wall bracket included)

No two production environments are the same. There are more or less harsh environments, places with electromagnetic interference or virtual desktop infrastructures in which the industrial terminals should fit in as cost-efficient IGEL thin clients.

However, there are also older applications that require special image formats or slots for PCI or ISA cards - this is what the industrial terminals of the FORSIS MASTER series are for.

The industrial terminals were designed for very tough applications: The highly modular design of the industrial terminals has been convincing since 1993. The forerunners of this industrial terminal series existed as early as 1987. A look into our history is an exciting and worthwhile excursion to the device roots of industry Terminals.

The special features of a FORSIS MASTER industrial terminal

  • LCD sizes: 10.4 ", 15", and 17 "in 4: 3 format
  • Analog resistive industrial terminal:
    • problem-free operation with fingers, gloves, stylus, etc..
    • has a laminated glass effect, i.e. if the resistive touch panel breaks, no glass splinters are created
  • Degree of protection: IP65 on the front
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The industrial terminal impresses with the very best in service

Industrie Terminal Gelenk Min

Simple service through joint technology
The computer unit of the industrial terminal is mechanically connected to the display unit by joints. This enables simple and easy servicing, even when the device is installed.

The attachment points of the joints are outside the sealing area. Just loosen four screws and the service can get started if necessary.

HF-tight housing

Industrie Terminal Front17 Min

The industrial terminal MASTER is equipped with a circumferential, conductive seal.
When the lower part of the housing (computer unit) and the housing front frame (display unit) are closed, the device is not only closed according to IP65 protection class, but there is also an HF-tight connection.

For this reason, our industrial terminal can also be used in an environment with extreme electromagnetic interference.

RFID reader

Industrie Terminal Rfid Min

The FORSIS series of industrial terminals can be equipped with contactless reader systems. LEGIC © (advant), mifare © (DESFire) and hitag © are offered.

It is installed on the connector protection cover as shown on the left.

Protective cover for the cable exit at the industrial terminal

Industrie Terminal Protector Min

To protect the plug connections, the entire connection side of the industrial terminal can be closed by a protective cover.

This can be customized by arrangement.


"We will gladly answer your questions."

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They are still there !

Industrie Terminal Slot Min

They still exist! Namely, inquiries about the already outdated BUS systems ISA and PCI. The younger ones among us are in all likelihood no longer familiar with these systems. These systems have enormously increased the high degree of expansion options for industrial terminals.

The strengths of our industrial terminals are very clear:

  • EMC: HF-tight housing, insensitive to electromagnetic interference
  • Investment protection: also with slots for ISA or PCI cards

Processor: 6th Gen. Skylake Intel

RAM: up to 8 GB DDR3L RAM 1600 MHz

SSD: up to 256 GB

I / O: 2 x Ethernet 10/100/1000 MBit

LCD: 15 "LCD, 1024 x 768

Touch: analog resistive touch panel (ELO)

Interfaces: VGA, HDMI, 2x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0

Bus systems: 3 x PCI slots