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Thanks to the flexible and diverse range of services offered by FORSIS, we can optimally meet your needs.

Put your service portfolio together yourself - we will cater to your needs.

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Repair service

Should a repair be urgent, FORSIS can of course make you an appropriate offer. You can make use of the express repair service even without concluding a service contract in the area of ​​shortening the repair time.

The prerequisite for this is that we have the corresponding spare part in stock. In this case we offer you to expedite the processing of the repair time. However, there is no contractually guaranteed entitlement to this.

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Extended warranty

You can extend the standard warranty of 24 months on materials and 12 months on services for FORSIS products as you wish.

The extended warranty for material can be extended from 24 to 36 or 48 months.
The warranty extension for services, on the other hand, from 12 to 24, 36 or 48 months in total.

Your advantages:

  • The material and services are transparent for the selected period
  • You flat-rate your costs
  • You have the security in the area of ​​follow-up costs
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Reduction of repair times

The normal period of repairs at FORSIS is approx. 10-15 working days, plus the transport routes. You can shorten this to 5 AT or 2 AT.

Your advantages:

  • You can minimize the number of your exchange devices
  • These services are calculated annually and can be booked individually
  • In combination with the extended warranty, a package for clear transparency on costs and time
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Long-term availability

FORSIS not only guarantees that it will be able to deliver functionally identical spare part components for 5 years from the date of delivery of the products, but also that it will be able to keep the FORSIS IPCs "up to date" for longer periods of time. This is made possible by the exclusive use of standard components that are always kept up to date. Structural changes that do not affect the functionality of the device may be necessary. Special components are billed specifically as well as customer-specific special solutions.

Your advantages:

  • Investment protection due to the modular FORSIS concept
  • Devices that are always state-of-the-art

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