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In addition to the touchscreen operation, it is always necessary to enter command chains or program calls with the keyboard.

Sometimes there are also changes between applications or recurring input sequences that make work processes more difficult in the production environment, e.g. when working with gloves.

We offer corresponding industrial buttons for our IPC series as a supplement as well as additional external keyboard modules. By assigning the key codes via the "FORSIS Support GUI" software, individual adaptation to the application is possible.

  • Can be used on any PC, no special drivers are required. The buttons are automatically recognized as USB input devices
  • Installation also possible in the IPC in different button shapes
  • Only one-time programming necessary
  • Up to 120 key codes (scan codes) or text characters can be assigned to a key
  • After the key codes have been saved, they are retained until they are overwritten again. This enables use on any computer
  • The key codes are the English USB-HID scan codes
  • Simple programming via the FORSIS Support GUI
  • Choice between text / key combination or scan code assignment
  • A maximum of 8 key combinations per button
  • The FORSIS Support GUI can convert the entered texts or key combinations into German and English key codes
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Support GUI - Keyboard module

You can choose between three modes in the keyboard module: text, key combination and scan code.
The first two modes make configuration easier because the user does not have to enter the scan code for each individual key, but the program automatically converts the text or key combination entered into a scan code.
If the first two modes do not offer the desired functionality, you can enter the scan code yourself.

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Function keys: Configuration - "Scancode"

Function keys: monitoring

In this section of the support GUI, the current mode (text / key combination / scan code) as well as the correspondingly assigned keys are displayed in the appropriate representation.
Furthermore, the set keyboard layout (software) can be seen.

In this mode, the appropriate scan code and modifier can be entered for the required number of keys.

Function keys: configuration - text mode

In the "Text" configuration mode, all you have to do is enter and save the desired text. The function can then be tested with the aid of a test field.

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Function keys: Configuration - key combination

This picture shows the "Key combination" configuration mode.
In this module you must first specify how many key combinations are to be executed in succession. The desired combinations can then be entered in the text fields.
Problems can arise when entering a key combination, as the operating system can execute it beforehand.
Here the support GUI offers the possibility of making entries easier with the help of the buttons.

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