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Industrial computer solutions and competence in the manufacturing environment

The development of industrial computer solutions has been enormous. Within 30 years a completely new generation of computer systems has emerged from a "gray IBM desktop computer". The driving force lay in the special application environment in which computing power was required.

The market is currently flooded with all-in-one solutions. Certainly interesting in terms of price. However, the possibility of flexible adaptation to the respective customer situation is limited. This is now FORSIS's strength. Industrial computer solutions implemented according to customer requirements.

These high demands are placed on industrial computer solutions:

  • Operability even with dirt and moisture (IP protection class)
  • Extreme temperature ranges in operation
  • High demands on vibration and shock (shock resistance)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (emission and immunity to interference) - expressed in CE
  • Additional requirements from the mobile environment
  • and still the flexibility according to customer requirements
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The project of the digital modules for machine data acquisition was launched at FORSIS because a large number of customers were looking for a solution that offers the possibility of acquiring and controlling the signals in a control cabinet or on a machine. This is how the digital modules of the IO CONNECT series were developed.

Again and again, as a decision-maker in the production environment, one is faced with the decision on how to connect older machines to their controls. In addition to the digital signals, the connection of machine controls, which offer a classic serial interface, is also a goal.

The FORSIS IO CONNECT modules are designed for direct use at the field level. On the one hand, they offer a direct network connection (Ethernet) or, in the case of a local connection, USB and, on the other hand, a large number of communication and recording options that implement the direct machine connection.

On this page you will find further information on the OPC UA and OPC DA servers.

RFID readers are suitable for many areas of application, because in many companies there are systems and machines that only specially trained employees are allowed to operate. PLC controls that only the master is allowed to program. Technical rooms or laboratories whose access is restricted to authorized persons.

These and many other authorization cases can now be mapped locally, including subsequent actions - completely independent of higher-level systems.

In addition to the touchscreen operation, it is always necessary to enter command chains or program calls with the keyboard.
We offer corresponding industrial buttons for our IPC series as a supplement as well as additional external keyboard modules. By assigning the key codes via the "FORSIS Support GUI" software, individual adaptation to the application is possible.

The new WLAN standard IEEE 802.11n was adopted on September 12, 2009. FORSIS GmbH uses this WLAN standard especially for the mobile FORSIS series MOBILE. The FORSIS variant implements the n standard and is at the same time robust and designed in accordance with protection class IP65.

The industrial PC brackets from our mounting support program expand and round off the FORSIS product range. A flexible and modular mounting system can now meet the most diverse customer requirements in the field of device assembly. Whether securely mounted on the wall, on the ceiling or on the floor.