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Mobile workstation in stainless steel from FORSIS

FORSIS sees itself as a holistic solution provider. The stainless steel industrial PCs with their different series are the focus, but the consistency of the stainless steel series is also available for our mobile workstation in stainless steel. Thus, the feedback can be designed as an overall concept in combination with the mobile workstation in stainless steel, mobile. Peripheral components can be integrated into the overall system as a supplement or completion, as required.

The mobile workstation stainless steel meets the requirements with regard to the hygiene guidelines for factory equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, the food processing trade and the food industry. The basic requirement is the use of stainless steel as the housing material and of food-grade materials in the area of ​​the seal.

The complete solution is in the foreground at FORSIS, always under the following aspects: Hygienically safe and functional in handling.

Depending on the amount of space you have and the size of the components, the body can be determined as a basic component. FORSIS offers two variants.

The type S is designed for minimal space. Even the removal door has been moved to the side of the workplace so that there is no risk of accidents in a narrow corridor. A battery supply is not possible here.

Type M offers significantly more space in the printer room.
It can be operated independently of the mains with a battery unit or without it.
You can then assemble the further expansion stages yourself and thus design the workplace.

The mobile stainless steel workstation combines the functionality of our stationary devices with the flexibility of the mobile workstation in stainless steel. Simply take your work station with you instead of walking back again and again!

The mobile workstation stainless steel from FORSIS is robust, easy to clean and, if required, has all I / O devices on board: printer, scanner, RFID reader, WLAN, power supply and much more.

Further features are also:

  • Tailor-made solution consisting of an industrial PC, V2A container and various I / O devices
  • Hygienically safe design according to HACCP and EHEDG with regard to features and construction
  • Easy to clean as there are no dead corners - liquid build-up is prevented
  • Mobility through integrated WLAN and power supply (optional features)

There are no limits to the development of a mobile workplace. Rather, the requirements of the customer determine its characteristics and one of the strengths of FORSIS is to implement these requirements.

The development of the small removal door for labels in the front area can be seen here as an example.

1st stage: The door hinge had to be changed from left to right due to a customer request

2nd level: The door can now also be hinged at the bottom

3rd stage: an automatic retrieval of the door was a customer request, was solved by a spring-loaded system,
The aim was to prevent getting stuck on the door

4th level: It was always forgotten to lock the door completely and moisture penetrated
A magnetic lock was also attached.

At the end of the development, the end result went into the standard of the mobile stainless steel workstation.

Our sales team will gladly answer your questions!

Type M: Hygienic mobile workstation made of stainless steel - printer and battery

Edelstahl Arbeitsplatz Openlaser Min

The mobile workstation in stainless steel from FORSIS can be used to set up a temporary IT information point in an extreme environment.

During the cleaning process or during critical work processes, the mobile workstation made of stainless steel can then be moved to appropriately protected areas, which simplifies many work processes.

The system of the mobile workstation in stainless steel is also available on request with its own power supply for mains-independent operation.

Type S: Hygienic mobile workstation, stainless steel printer

FORSIS Hygiene AP Small Side

The type S works here as a mobile printer box. A battery supply is not possible here.

The mobile workstation in the hygienic environment offers precisely coordinated technology for the safe and secure transport of label and laser printers. This begins with the actual printer room, the height-adjustable pull-out shelf, the sophisticated removal door and of course the power supply.

Would you like to plan more flexibly - the type M of the stainless steel workplace offers a multitude of variants and options.

Hygiene guidelines (HACCP, EHEDG) with regard to mechanics and construction

Edelstahl Arbeitsplatz Dichtung Min

The hygiene guidelines according to HACCP and EHEDG apply to the mobile workstation in stainless steel, which means in concrete terms:

  • No dead spots, so cleaning can be done as easily as possible
  • All surfaces are bevelled so that no liquid jams
  • Triple trapezoidal seal in silicone, blue
  • HL cam lock with HD cam
  • Protection class at least IP65
  • Stainless steel surface: 320 grain brushed

The subtleties of the stainless steel mobile workplace

Edelstahl Arbeitsplatz Reingiungsabstand Min
  • Hygiene comes first: Quarter turns, handles, PG screw connections
  • Industrial-grade and hygiene-approved keyboards
  • Barcode reader with protection class
  • Special mechanical solution made of stainless steel, e.g. door closers, food-grade rollers, cable ducts in protective hoses

DIN rail mounting in the mobile workstation, stainless steel

FORSIS Hygiene AP Patch

As an option, components can be mounted on a DIN rail in the upper area of ​​the body.

The mounting rail offers space to accommodate, for example: USB distributors, LAN distributors and power supply

Likewise, the cable feed or cabling can be completely created by FORSIS according to your ideas. We deliver "turnkey!"

Cable connections between the mobile workstation and the device
In every system there are critical points which must be observed with particular care. In the hygienic environment, these are the cable bushings at the workplace or on the industrial PC. There must always be a tight seal. Nevertheless, sometimes it has to be quick. You can get by with various providers without soldering. The company Icotek offers solutions here.

The know-how lies in the door technology - front door

FORSIS Hygiene AP Small Open (1)

On the one hand, we have the requirements for tightness - on the other hand, we have to be able to remove papers and labels quickly in order to operate the mobile workstation without great effort.

Access must therefore be created that closes securely and yet is easy to use. Basically there are two doors at the stainless steel workstation.

The "large" front door opens the entire mobile workstation. It is used to equip paper, label rolls, etc. This door can have a handle or can only be opened using a sash.

The “small” removal door always has a handle, as constant opening and closing must be made easy. The door is optimized with a return spring and magnetic closer.

The subtleties of the "removal door"

FORSIS Hygiene AP Door Detail

Vollständig innen liegend und somit keine Kontamination! Nach dieser Prämisse sind alle Komponenten des Edelstahlgehäuse
systems konstruiert. Hier vorallem das HL-Scharnier.

Kein Risiko hinsichtlich vergessen. Die Entnahmetüre schließt sich selbstständig.
Somit ist die Dichtigkeit gegeben und auch das Unfallrisiko einer offenen Tür verhindert.

Schnelles Öffnen - trotzdem dicht. Der Magnetverschluss schließt die Entnahmetüre auch dann, wenn diese nicht mit dem Griff geschlossen wird. Ideal bei häufiger Etikettenentnahme

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"We will gladly answer your questions"

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Battery unit and DC / AC converter

Edelstahl Arbeitsplatz Akku Min

Securing the power supply can be an essential part of the mobile workstation in stainless steel; it is an option.

Depending on the consumers, especially their supply voltages (AC or DC) and their power consumption (VA), the supply units of the trolley solution are selected, specially adapted to your needs.

  • Supply voltage: DC 24V or AC 230V
  • Optional DC / AC converters with either 350W, 600W or 1000W
  • Battery capacity with 65Ah, 85Ah or 120Ah
  • AGM Technik or LeFePo
  • Protected but externally accessible connector for the charging cable
  • Integrated charge controller with overcharge and deep discharge protection

The mobile workstation in stainless steel from FORSIS is required when stationary workstations are to become mobile in hygiene-sensitive work environments.

With our robust mobile workstation made of stainless steel, you shorten the distances your employees travel and give them quick, immediate access to the required data. The consistent hygienic design extends from sealing and locking technology to hinges, joints and rollers.

  • Would you like to digitize and optimize your work processes?
  • Would you like to reduce your travel times between reporting points and employees?
  • Would you like to use scanners, printers and much more on the move?
  • Would you like to completely remove your feedback station during the cleaning process?

Then contact us and let our sales team advise you on the countless possibilities in use. We look forward to you!