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Mobile workstations

Independent of the industry, the mobile workstations have established themselves as a separate product area at FORSIS. The stations have grown out of the actual area of ​​application in logistics and, in a special form, can also be found in the food sector.

FORSIS has been offering an extensive range of different mobile workstations for years. The focus is always on a robust mechanical structure that can withstand all requirements in the harsh industrial and logistics environment. In addition, FORSIS completes its product range with mobile workstations made of stainless steel for the hygienically sensitive location as well as with smaller mobile workstations for the assembly area.

Here is an overview of our mobile workstations:

  • Entry-level variant
    The entry-level solution is light, flexible and ready for immediate use. Always ready to implement your mobile requirements.
  • Flexible work surface
    This is a workstation with a universal storage area that offers plenty of space to store the keyboard, scanner and printer. This variant also offers the option of attaching the device to a mounting bracket. This means that there is even more storage space available.
  • Protection bar
    The industrial PC and control systems are installed at eye level on the crossbar of the control system. To protect the devices, a protective bracket is placed over all components.
  • Hygiene
    In the hygiene-sensitive environment, the mobile workstation has an additional function. The protection of the components in the cleaning process and compliance with the guidelines of hygiene regulations.
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Due to the multi-layered relocation of goods of all kinds, as well as the increasing expectations with regard to delivery times, the expectations of delivery services are constantly being raised. The applications used must therefore be implemented on logistics hardware that is characterized by failure safety, performance and ease of service. Forklift terminals for industrial trucks and mobile workplaces meet these criteria.

In the production areas and logistics center there were and are the so-called info points or master offices. There are PC workstations, printers, etc., i.e. IT infrastructure. Modern logistics hardware in the form of mobile workstations brings exactly this IT to the place where it is needed.

  • Long battery life, short charging cycles and thus a long use
  • Shortening distances through direct and quick access
  • The classic PC functionality becomes mobile through logistics hardware
  • Independence through WLAN connection
  • Completed system with printer and barcode reader

The need for feedback on operating data in the production environment is now clear to everyone.
The future dimensions of use of mobile workplaces, such as

  • to map a complete "foreman's office" on a mobile basis and to integrate this directly into the manufacturing process,
  • no more distances for the employee to display a drawing on a screen, or
  • the printing or reprinting of production documents directly at the on-site assembly workstation leads to direct cost savings.

need to be communicated even better.

Another major requirement that must be linked to the mobility of mobile workstations is suitability for hygiene and protection class. The accommodation and safe storage of IT components has always been a difficult point in food production. With the mobile workstations, not only the accommodation is guaranteed but also the simultaneous use.

The entry-level version of the mobile workstations, the ENTRY, is designed for the network-independent supply of low-voltage consumers such as tablets, notebooks and, of course, the energy-saving industrial PCs from FORSIS.

This mobile workstation impresses with its flexibility.
The narrow trolley variant, which has the smallest dimensions, is ideal for narrow driveways in the warehouse.

The middle trolley variant with the basic body offers an upper work surface of 580 mm and space for up to two battery units up to a maximum of 120Ah.

The large version offers an even larger work surface of 1000 mm and can be equipped with an additional device mounting bracket on which the IPC can be mounted.

In the case of a mobile workstation with a protective bar, both the IPC and other peripheral devices are mounted on a carrier system. In addition to the basic size, there is an extra-large mobile workstation that can accommodate up to three printers.

FORSIS sees itself as a holistic solution provider. The stainless steel industrial PCs with their different series are the focus, but the consistency of the stainless steel series is also available for our mobile workstation in stainless steel. Thus, the feedback can be designed as an overall concept in combination with the mobile workstation in stainless steel, mobile. Peripheral components can be integrated into the overall system as a supplement or completion, as required.

Here you will find further solutions as well as information material about our mobile workstations. We see the various developments in battery technology as important here.