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Discover the possibilities of the IOC server

The communication to the IO CONNECT detection point takes place with the help of a specially developed protocol. We offer three options to access the IO CONNECT modules.

For this we offer you a function collection with the complete instruction set of the IOC modules. This is supplemented by programming examples. Various programming languages ​​such as JAVA, C #, C ++ etc. are implemented.

The FORSIS IOC server is a configuration program that enables the modules to be commissioned quickly. All configurations can be made on the IOC modules. The settings are saved.

Standardized access at the highest level. Data access through an OPC server.

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The FORSIS IOC server


The FORSIS IOC server is used as a detection point for quick and easy commissioning of the IO CONNECT modules. The program is included as a free standard in the scope of delivery of the acquisition modules. The first steps in using the IOC hardware are thus made easier.
The key points of the tool are summarized below:

  • Automatic search for IOC modules in the network, also across network components - SCAN function
  • Terminal detection, display of the ONLINE status and the corresponding expansion stage
  • Reading out the configuration values ​​from the acquisition module comparison with the saved settings, if available
  • Representation of the standard values ​​of the IO module, i.e. name etc.
  • Allocation of IP addresses and network settings
  • Central time synchronization across all IOC modules
  • Cyclical control of network use -> WATCHDOG function for rebuilding in the event of cancellation
  • Configuration of the acquisition page
  • Assignment of signal designations with storage
  • Cyclical query of all values ​​of the IOC module
  • Storage of the device configuration and the user data in an SQL-based database

Network search - SCAN function

BlockDiagramm IOC MES

The FORSIS server supports the customer in commissioning the various IOC modules. The quick and easy configuration of the acquisition modules reduces commissioning expenses. After the modules have been integrated into the Ethernet network, a direct search in the network can be carried out with the help of the FORSIS server. This is also possible when there are multiple network adapters. Direct addressing via TCP / IP is also possible.

Registration of the modules

IOC Datenaustausch Diagramm.

In addition to the different versions of the different models, the modules themselves can be equipped differently. By using the existing expansion slot, different expansion levels can be achieved, such as additional 8xDI / 8xDO, or 16xDI, etc. The FORSIS server as a detection point queries these expansion levels and then offers all configuration menus for this. All modules are clearly presented. A distinction is made as to whether the module is currently connected to the FORSIS server or was in the past. ON / OFF line display. The basic information is displayed by selecting the IOC module.

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Basic information about the module

Netzwerk Schema

This general information is used to manage the acquisition point. The name of the module can be freely selected. The following are specified:

  • Serial and product number,
  • Firmware and hardware version,
  • The already mentioned expansion stages and
  • The MAC address - the IP address can be specified.

Hourly time synchronization with the FORSIS server time and the operating hours counter complete the information.