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Stainless steel PC of the EXPERT SBC series - resistive touch screen variant

The series of the stainless steel PC EXPERT SBC is characterized by its extremely slim shape - the compact design gives the device its shallow depth. The cables for this series of devices are installed on the rear and built into the cassette. The protection class of the connections depends on the protection variant chosen by the customer. The front of the stainless steel PC is always protected with at least protection class IP65. In addition, the stainless steel PCs are specially differentiated on the basis of the touch technology used, in an analog resistive and a multi-touch variant.

Below is a brief overview of the key features of both techniques. You can find more detailed information about these two techniques in the Service Knowledge section.

The analog resistive touchscreen technology of the stainless steel PC can be operated with gloves, the front foil in front of the glass carrier protects against splinters in the event of a break. If necessary, RFID readers can be integrated or attached to the housing.

When developing the stainless steel PCs of the EXPERT series, particular care was taken to meet the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries and to develop devices that support people in their daily work processes. The design of the stainless steel PCs is conceived in such a way that edges and joints are avoided - a special focus was placed on the phase of the metal edge in the analog resistive devices, as it was a point of criticism for a long time. However, the extremely high processing quality of the FORSIS stainless steel PCs has transformed them from the criticized feature to an advantage for the user.

Due to the high hygiene requirements of the food and pharmaceutical environment, meticulous care was taken to develop stainless steel PCs that can have an absolute degree of tightness. With FORSIS, this is guaranteed by the fact that the touchscreen pane is permanently connected to the stainless steel housing. Thus, it achieves a tightness in the range from IP67 to IP69.

First of all, both touch technologies are justified and have now become the standard medium for data input in production. Depending on the application environment and industry, we at FORSIS make a distinction in order to give the customer the best possible advantage. In the food processing industry and the food trade, we therefore prefer to work with analog resistive technology for our stainless steel PCs. Glass splinters can be the reason for damaging the multi-touch glass surface.

Features of the stainless steel PCs with resistive touch technology

  • Single touch
  • Can be operated with gloves, pens, pens, etc.
  • Calibration-proof and insensitive to surface moisture
  • Front pane covered with plastic film, i.e. no glass splinters if broken

Features of stainless steel PCs with capacitive touch technology (multitouch)

  • Multi-touch technology can be operated with up to 10 fingers
  • Can be operated with gloves after fine adjustment to the corresponding type
  • Scratch-resistant, insensitive and abrasion-free protective glass pane
  • Surface moisture can be limited

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Interfaces on the back

Edelstahl Pc Resistiv Interface Open Min

All connection cables of the stainless steel PC of the EXPERT SBC series are led out on the back. The interfaces are on the back of the device and are built into a lower cassette. The connectors are protected by closing them with a stainless steel cover plate. This means that the connection area is protected up to protection class IP69.

This means that the cable feed to the stainless steel PC can be routed directly out of the wall at the factory. Nevertheless, the viewing angle can always be individually adjusted - expensive boom systems or the piping of the cabling are therefore not necessary.

Cable execution with PG

Edelstahl Pc Resistiv Interface Close PG Min

The cables can then be led out of the stainless steel PC through PG screw connections. The number of screw connections can be determined as required, as can the diameter. As an alternative to the PG screw connection, FORSIS offers a press seal, which enables cables to be carried out easily. This means that there is no need to separate, drive through and solder.
The positive result: No loss of warranty for your devices such as keyboards and scanners. The press seal achieves protection class IP65.

Fixing and accessories

Edelstahl Pc Resistiv Side Min

The consistency of the stainless steel PCs runs through all areas.
This means that the accessory components must also be adapted to the environmental conditions of the respective place of use. The holders of the stainless steel PCs in their different lengths (stand or wall bracket) are completely made of stainless steel. Likewise, the star handles to adjust the viewing angle individually at any time.

Contactless readers 

The stainless steel PCs of the EXPERT series can be equipped with the contactless reading process: LEGIC © (advant), hitag © or mifare © (DESFire). Of course, the protection class IP65 is retained.

With the stainless steel PC of the EXPERT SBC series, the built-in variant is offered with direct installation in the housing, protected behind a plastic cover.

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Special function button

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There is the optional possibility of integrating function keys in the front of the housing of the stainless steel PC. A maximum of four buttons can be added.
The key features at a glance below:

  • Connection by keyboard controller via USB / HID
  • Programming by FORSIS Support GUI
  • The keys can be freely assigned with all characters and direct program or Windows commands
  • Can also be combined with the RFID reader
  • The cable is fed in from the rear, the interfaces are sunk into the cassette
  • The connection area is protected by various cover options
  • The protection class on the front is IP69, the connection depending on the cover variant
  • The analog resistive touch technology can be operated with gloves
  • Splinter protection is guaranteed due to the front film in front of the glass carrier
  • The compact design enables the device to be installed in a very small depth of just 90mm
  • There are many optional features that can be added depending on customer requirements, such as an RFID reader or the special function keys

FORSIS is constantly expanding and optimizing its stainless steel PC series. A good example of this is the integration of 2-D barcode scanners in the protected area.

Edelstahl Pc Multitouch 2D ScannerNevertheless, the stainless steel PCs of the EXPERT series are fanless and therefore tight with regard to water ingress. Therefore, the question may arise how a CPU can be and remain powerful in a completely enclosed housing.

FORSIS relies on the latest CPU technology of the INTEL Skylake generation for its stainless steel PCs, which form the basis of the devices. More detailed information about this technology and the UEFI BIOS versions can be found under the heading Service - Knowledge.





The stainless steel PCs of the EXPERT series can of course also be used as a pure monitor solution. The protection class, the housing dimensions and, of course, the cable design remain identical to those of the classic stainless steel PC. The monitor solution has its own power supply and can be operated directly on 230V. VGA, DVI and HDMI are offered as graphic interfaces. The touch display works with USB interfaces.

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