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Stainless steel PCs and workplaces for the hygienic environment

The manufacture of food and pharmaceutical products does not allow any compromises - neither in terms of hygiene in the manufacturing process nor in terms of product traceability. That is why the requirements here are extremely high. Just as high are the requirements for the hardware used for data acquisition in the form of stainless steel PCs - industrial PCs in a stainless steel housing.

Uncompromisingly tight! The stainless steel PC from FORSIS

Do you work reliably and economically? Can your stainless steel PCs withstand a hard water jet, powerful cleaning agents or high temperatures below zero in the production environment without additional enclosures?
The stainless steel PCs of the FORSIS EXPERT series work absolutely reliably even under extreme conditions, and on request even in EX areas with ATEX certificate. The position and protection of the cable feed depends on your requirements. The result: minimal installation and maintenance costs.

With FORSIS as a holistic solution partner, you play it safe in every relationship - regardless of whether it is about robust stainless steel PCs or mobile stainless steel workstations. Standard-compliant stainless steel design and the appropriate protection class ensure maximum availability with minimal cleaning and maintenance costs.

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  • Degree of protection: maximum IP69, at least IP67 on the front, always at least IP65 on the connection side
  • Extended temperature range: -30 ° to + 50 ° C (optional)
  • Cable entry: sunk into the housing from below or behind, or from below with a Binder connector
  • Touchscreen: different sizes, either analogue resistive or capacitive as 21.5 "multi-touch
  • High flexibility: interfaces and expansion options, e.g. integrated RFID readers
  • Mounting options: brackets, handles, and much more. in stainless steel

The stainless steel PC of the EXPERT SBC series has the following features:

  • Cable feed from the rear, sunk into the cassette
  • Connection area protected by various covers
  • Protection class IP69 on the front, connection depending on the protection variant
  • Analog resistive touchscreen technology, can be operated with gloves, splinter protection due to the front film in front of the glass carrier
  • Compact design due to the very small depth of the device
  • RFID readers can be integrated into the housing or attached

The series of stainless steel PCs EXPERT SBC is being expanded to include a multi-touch version with capacitive touchscreen technology in the 21.5 inch version.

The new model has a new design, but without losing any of its functionality. The smooth, almost gapless surface offers no point of attack for contamination - see for yourself!

The stainless steel PC of the EXPERT SE series has the following features:

  • Cable feed from below, connections sunk into the cassette
  • Degree of protection on the front according to EN60529 IP69
  • On the connection side, depending on the selected interface protection, also up to IP69
  • LCD variants up to 21.5 "with FHD resolution in 16: 9 format
  • Analog resistive touchscreen technology can be operated with gloves
  • Splinter protection due to the front foil in front of the glass carrier
  • Temperature range -5 ° C to 50 ° C
  • Freezer variant: From the 17 “device variant, it is possible to integrate a 400 watt heater including control. The temperature range then increases to -30 ° C to 50 ° C.

The stainless steel PC of the EXPERT BS series has the following features:

  • Cable entry from below in the form of BINDER plugs
  • Protected by the all-round impact protection
  • Degree of protection IP69 on the front and connection side, sockets that are not required must be closed
  • FORSIS BINDER connector: The PC interfaces are routed to the underside of the device using adapter boards. This is where the direct plug contact takes place
  • All basic interfaces are always available - the assignment corresponds to the SEMA assignment
  • The interfaces can be expanded using three adapter boards that can be combined as required

Many production companies want to extend their IT standards to potentially explosive environments in order to record data, visualize or control processes. The stainless steel PC of the EXPERT ATEX series is approved as a category 3 device for zones 22 and 2.

Wherever explosions can occur due to dust or gases, the legislator prescribes special precautions by means of the ATEX directive. If electronic equipment is used, it must not give rise to dangerous sparks. But what exactly must be met in order to be able to use a stainless steel PC in the Ex area? FORSIS has taken on this question and developed an ATEX-compliant variant of the stainless steel PC from the EXPERT series.

The hygiene requirements for factory equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, the food processing trade and the food industry are extremely high. The basic requirement is the use of stainless steel as the housing material and food-approved materials in the area of ​​the seal.

In addition to the stainless steel PC, which is the focus, the feedback can also be seen as a whole, i.e. the mechanical fixation of the devices in the overall system and their addition or completion with peripheral components.

FORSIS also offers you stationary printer stations or protective housings for mounting on the wall.

In addition to numerous products such as stainless steel PCs for the hygiene-sensitive industry, FORSIS offers other approaches to data acquisition.
Here you will find further solutions as well as information material.

The stainless steel PC from FORSIS is one of the many solutions for application areas and work environments in which feedback stations have to work under the most extreme operating conditions, and in which FORSIS has specialized. The PC-based stainless steel PCs of the EXPERT series are designed precisely for this area - the range is supplemented by mobile workstations, printer stations and other accessories.

All stainless steel PCs correspond to protection class IP65 or higher. In addition to the tightness of the food PCs, compliance with hygiene standards is a special feature of the EXPERT series.

    Stainless steel housing with needs-based cable feed and IP protection class up to IP69, modular structure, upgradeable, long life cycle
    Hygiene-sensitive, standard-compliant design, standards-based with individual equipment
    Spare parts for at least 5 years, hardware and software upgrades, ad hoc / express repairs, spare devices, etc.

The modular system of FORSIS GmbH applies consistently to all models of the stainless steel PC series EXPERT. The v2A or V4A housings are a tailor-made, economical and long-lasting solution for you. The following features guarantee this:

Standardized device structure simplifies service
- Use of hardware standards (CPU, CHIP sets, bus systems, etc.)
- Use of software standards (OS, protocols, drivers, etc.)
- Integration into existing systems (network, administration, etc.)

- Introduced standards are continuously developed
- Standards enable access to second source suppliers

The flexible and modular structure minimizes the repair time
Flexible scalability of the devices fulfills almost every customer requirement and simplifies service times.
- Replacement of assemblies
- Use of a modular system
- Refraining from special developments if not absolutely necessary
- The simple and modular device design ensures optimal migration capability

With our modular stainless steel PCs of the EXPERT series with V2A housing, we will work with you to find a tailor-made, economical and durable solution that will certainly satisfy you.