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FORSIS GmbH - our story

The roots of FORSIS go back to 1995. At that time, the company was founded under the name KUMATRONIK Industrieprodukte, which was the direct successor to KUMATRONIK Automatisierungssysteme GmbH, which was founded in 1982.

Since 2006, the former brand name "FORSIS" has also been representative of the entire company.
With its optimized industrial PC series MASTER, EXPERT, PROFI, ENTRY and MOBILE, FORSIS soon gained an excellent reputation in the market.


Our history in stations

Eine der ersten IPCs von FORSIS
  • 1995 Foundation as Kumatronik Industrieprodukte GmbH in Markdorf.
    The idea: development and sale of hardware, with the help of which customers from the manufacturing industry ensure the economically important specification, transfer and collection of production data even under adverse environmental conditions.
  • 1999 founding of KUMAident in Stuttgart.
    Logistically advantageous location for additional trading in identification hardware and other peripherals.
  • 2000 The name FORSIS is used for the first time as a product name for modular
    Industrial PCs (IPCs) used.
  • 2006 FORSIS becomes the company name.
    With the slogan “The brand for industrial PCs” and the new IPC series
    MASTER, EXPERT, PROFI and MOBILE make the company one
    good name in the market.
  • 2011 Foundation of FORSIS Austria in Dornbirn.
  • 2015 20 years of FORSIS.
    Market launch of the IO CONNECT solution series for decentralized and remotely administrable machine data acquisition (MDE).
Building blocks for success
Die Erfolgsbausteine wurden von FORSIS bereits mit den ersten Modellen gelegt
The building blocks of our success can be expressed as follows:
Standards - Modular - Flexible

  • Standards for the components used
  • Modular in the structure of our devices
  • Flexible in cooperation with our customers and suppliers

In the area of ​​standard components, there is the certainty that it is always up-to-date. Standardization enables existing infrastructures to be merged and helps us to reduce development times and costs.

Due to the modular structure of the device, the latest components can be used, and their long-term availability is also guaranteed.

The flexibility is already expressed in the flexible scalability according to customer requirements for topics such as inch size or selection of the CPU.

Our motto: The customer should get what he needs at this point in time. Nevertheless, it must be possible to optimally adjust the performance when retrofitting.

Added value through service and peripherals
Die FORSIS Geräte werden durch Peripherie ergänzt und erhalten somit einen Mehrwert für den Nutzer

So that you can fully solve your task in industrial data acquisition, you get everything from a single source at FORSIS: from application advice, through various identification devices for person and RFID acquisition to industrial input and output devices, mounting systems and assembly technology.

We also make our bundled know-how available to you as part of complete solution and mobile workstations, as well as with efficient solutions for decentralized machine data acquisition (MDE) via small, networked I / O units. Of course, including monitoring and remote management.

The declared goal of FORSIS is maximum availability and productivity for our customers. That is why development and construction aim for the simplest possible service - for and by our customers.
Despite all the care, hardware errors can never be completely ruled out. That is why we focus on quick repairs and short maintenance times. In addition to this, we have developed a number of service modules with which you can increase the reliability as required.
With the help of RMA numbers and a dedicated CAREDESK system, we handle any service cases quickly and to your satisfaction. We offer an optional repair service for special requirements. We can extend the guarantee periods for materials and services on request.

Future-proof partner

FORSIS ist mit seinen über 30 Jahren Markterfahrung ihr zukunftssicherer Partner

With FORSIS you are making a future-proof choice. We not only guarantee you the same spare parts components for five full years from the delivery date, but also the very latest hardware, which you can also reorder.

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View in the future

Produktfamilie PROFI S MultiTouch

Despite the constant changes in terms of markets and technology, FORSIS would like to hold onto important constants in the future, to which the company owes its current position in the market to a large extent: the customer proximity of a provider focused on the German-speaking area, the high level of consulting expertise from over 20 years Experience in data acquisition as well as the consistently high quality in the area of ​​hardware, services and solutions. Because one thing is clear and will probably never change: After buying is before buying. The constant endeavor to establish long-term partnerships will probably also make a certain difference in the next 20 years, which is why customers and partners decide to work with FORSIS.